Friday, April 30, 2004


Here are pics of my fob. I'm so glad it's finished. It's like this weight has been lifted and I can now really enjoy all my other projects. The fob is stitched over two using one strand of floss on 36ct lambswool linen.

I hope the recipient likes it. I have decided that cording is not my friend. I need to take a finishing class if I can find one locally. My finishing has improved a lot but not as much as I would like. DH told me it looked nice but all I see is that it's a little wonky on the lower right corner. He says I'm way to anal about it.

Next Project

I haven't decided what's up next. Today I'll work a little on my gemstone/black afghan and maybe L'Ete, I ought to work on Fairy Grandmother, it's the right thing to do, but I don't want too. I'd love to start my Pieced Throw from Simple Crochet but really need to finish a few things before I do that. The 63 Squares afghan is also calling out to me. Decisions, decisions.

I also need to sit down and plan the huswife or sewing roll for my June Swap. Since the loop is a Lizzie Kate Loop I want to pick various L*K designs to decorate the outside of the roll. Not sure if I want to go with friendship related pieces or stitching related designs or maybe a few of each. The stitching always goes fast once I get it planned out, it's the finishing that usually holds me up because I agonize over it and never think it's good enough. I'm also pondering seasonal designs. There's a lot to choose from, I have several different layouts running around in my head.

Weekend Plans

Saturday I'll work for 10 hours straight, so Sunday will be spent recuperating. Not sure if I'll get any stitching in over the weekend.

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