Saturday, April 10, 2004

Yesterday I finished Block #1 of the 64 Squares afghan. I'm going to try once again to add an image to this blog. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I'll also include a link, just in case it doesn't want to cooperate. The body of the block is crocheted using Red Heart Windsor and the edging is crocheted in Red Heart Blueberry Pie. It's a little wonky from the scanner and the finished size worked out to be exactly 10 inches. Yikes! 3" larger than it should be. This is going to be one honkin' big afghan when it's finished.

Or if this just refuses to work, Block #1 (Edited to fix link)

And if neither of those work, click on my webshot album link, it does work, and then click on new when you get to my album, it should show the 63 Squares Afghan album on that screen.

Not sure why I'm having so much trouble linking the image from webshots here, I double checked the URL about 40 times and the link from my favorite places pulls it up.

I really need to take a class in html or buy a book about it.

ed. to add: Thanks Julie! now to just resize the pic. Yikes it's huge! Am now trying to resize the image...hope this one is smaller.....

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