Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Last night I finished a second dishcloth for the Crochet Me Inaugural Project.

The first one I crocheted using a G hook, for the second one I used an I hook. The main part of the cloth is crocheted using yellow and the edging is crocheted using Fiesta or MexiCali.

When DH came home from work he was shocked to see a finished dishcloth and then even more impressed when I started and finished a second one while watching the Sopranos. He's used to me starting cross stitch projects and even the smallest one can take me a day or two. DS#1 asked me if I was going to really wash dishes with it or use them as bathcloths. I told him right now I was just going to enjoy looking at them, but yes, chances are I'd eventually use them. Can't wait to make a lot more.

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