Sunday, April 11, 2004

Just realized I referred to a pattern in an earlier blog as "grandmother square" instead of granny square when talking about a crochet pattern. I'm getting quilts and crochet all mixed up together. Maybe I was just tired at the time. Didn't sleep too much last night and am feeling really restless tonight.

I'm excited to have already completed three blocks for the crochetalong. I think this project is one I'll stick with for the long haul because each of the blocks is it's own finish and there's so much variety in the squares. I don't see it getting boring.

Looking forward to DH going to work tomorrow and the boys going to school. I have several things I want to get completed tomorrow and for some reason when everyone is home I never get a lot of stitching done. Yes, I did manage to crochet but once I had the rythmn of the pattern down I didn't have to focus too hard and it's so much more portable than cross stitch since I just need the yarn and the hook. With stitching I need a pattern, my floss, fabric, needle, scissors, definitely have to be in good lighting and near an end table. The great thing about crocheting is I don't need near as much space and don't have to be sitting right under my stitching lamp. I can crochet in any room in the house.

Off and on over the weekend I've been crocheting on one of the boxes from Erika Knight's Simple Crochet. I love the texture of the crocheted twine. I'm still working on the first long side. I need to crochet about 5 more rows before it's the approximate size it needs to be. If I crochet more than three or four rows at a time my hand gets really sore so I've been bouncing back and forth on it between other projects. If this works out I may try one in burlap string or twine, not sure what it's called. I think it would be kind of rough on my hands, maybe even itchy, but it would make cool baskets. Here's my progress so far:

Wish my scans were better but this is this best of the three I did.

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