Wednesday, April 28, 2004

In yesterday's blog I mentioned that I didn't want to go to work, I just wasn't in the mood. I shouldn't have gone in, I should have called in, said I was sick. Why you may ask? Well fortunately this didn't happen until about two pm, only an hour before time to go home. I'm in the dining area, cleaning up tables, checking on the ketchup bottles, they need refilling. So I go to the fridge, and reach up, I'm short ok, the shelf is above my head. I pull down the ketchup bowl, the last person to use the ketchup bowl did not put the top back on correctly, it slipped through my fingers and hit me right at the bottom of my throat. Ketchup ran down the inside of my shirt and into my bra, it ran down the front of my shirt in between my apron and shirt and it ran down the front of my apron. There was one customer eating in the dining area, she heard me say, "Oh no, oh crap!" She calls out, "Everything all right hon?" I walk around the corner and say, "Uh does this look alright?" She said, "Don't you dare walk out that door, they'll think I attacked you." I ran into the bathroom and started trying to rinse out all the ketchup. I looked like someone out of "Scream" or "I Know What You Did Last Summer". There was ketchup all over me. I rinsed out my shirt as best I could and got the ketchup out of my hair and bra. What a mess! Then I walked back out to the area where we take orders and serve the food and the high school kid I work with says, "Uh what happened to you, it doesn't look good?" I go and stand in front of the fan and vow to never, ever touch the ketchup bowl or refill the ketchup bottles ever again.

On a positive note my getting off for my second grader's farewell party wasn't a problem. I don't know why I worry about stuff like that but I do. I feel like I'm letting people down when I ask off.

Let's see, on the stitching/crafty front:

I'm finally finishing up the fob. YEA!!! Shouldn't be a problem, if I can find my beige sewing thread. I borrowed some blue thread from my neighbor to attach the cording with but can't find my beige sewing thread to sew the sides of the fob together. Nothing seems easy these days. I'm obsessing over crocheting the Wavy Ribbon Tank from Interweave Knits Spring issue. I've read the pattern through several times and I think I'm up to the challenge. I'm going to look for some ribbon this weekend. I thought I read somewhere that LionBrand might be coming out with a ribbon, but I now have a LYS(it's small but they have a pretty decent variety of yarns and ribbon) so I ought to be able to find something I like. Hopefully it won't cost a lot. The pattern for my size calls for 4 balls of ribbon but I think I will buy 5 or 6 just to make sure I have enough. I also may have to add to the foundation chain since I'm not 100% sure the largest size will fit me. I haven't measured myself yet. I'm working from open to close this Saturday so the high school kids can all go the prom so my reward will be buying the ribbon for this tank.

I have ordered Cold Creek Manor on PPV and plan to either crochet on my gemstone/black afghan or if I find the thread before the movie starts I'll get my fob finished.

I've been in such a stitching slump lately. I'm not sure what the problem is. Could it be not enough hours in the day? I've overwhelmed myself with all these projects I want to start? I can't decide. So I'm going to take things one project at a time, work on what feels "right" and just enjoy creating again.

I may work on block 5 of the 63 Blocks CrochetAlong. I have everything sitting out for it. I think I need more discipline in my creative endeavors. But I find trying to set up a rotation or a schedule for stitching, it makes me avoid it even more because I never seem to want to work on what I'm supposed to be working on. I always find something more interesting and then I get annoyed or even angry at the scheduled project for intruding on my free time. So as much as I'd like a rotation, I don't think it'll ever work for me. I'm just a rebel at heart, even to the point of rebelling against my own rules and schedule. Sick isn't it?

I'm trying hard to stick the South Beach Diet. I would really, really
really love a coke. I'd love to feel that nice burn going down my throat. dream. I must be good so I'll just have to visualize the glass of ice, coke being poured over it, the little bubbles rising up from the rim of the glass, that first refreshing sip......that nice little fizzy burn.

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