Friday, April 02, 2004

Major excitement today. I'm definitely going to see my friends in England and Ireland in October. The plan is in motion and it's going to be great! I want to attend a Chatelaine weekend in London and my friends and I are hoping to work in an overnight stay in Paris. I'm so excited since I found out this was definitely doable and since it's so far off I should be able to save up enough money to have a nice trip. We're not rich, live paycheck to paycheck, but mostly because we eat out way too much. Well all that is going to stop. Time to eat home food, cut back on as much stuff as possible, save all my meager paychecks and put the stash buying on hold for as long as possible with the exception of fabric and threads for charts already in the stash. Although I have enough projects started that I shouldn't really buy anything new and just work on stuff that's in progress. But I know that I can't do that. A piece of fabric here and there and a few threads here and there, should keep me happy and the dreams of a fabulous trip in the not to distant future. I'm excited about the Chatelaine class but more excited about spending time with good friends and going to Ireland and England.

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