Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Knit Happens

When I am feeling particularly stressed out, I can't stitch because for me, frettin' and stitchin' do not go together like peas and carrots. Stitching does not work for me on any level when I'm worried, throw in some PMS and well I am just a mess, and then there's that whole menopause or pre-menopause thing going on, well no way the little X was going to offer me any comfort. That would be choosing a path covered in frogs, trust me on this.

But I can knit as long as it's something simple. My favorite thing to knit ever is the Mason Dixon Ball Band warsh rag. There should be five in the picture below but I had to rip one all the way back because I lost complete control of the pattern and was just knitting any way I felt like and I'm not sure what happened because I use a row counter but I have another one on the needles and will continue to work my way through my ginormous stash of kitchen cotton.

I love this pattern so much because it makes me look like a "real" knitter when I give them away or show them to nonknitting friends. But it's so very simple.

Here's a link to the pattern:
It's also can be found on the back of Peaches & Creme kitchen cotton label, hence the words "ball band" in the pattern title.
Knitting these makes me feel really good about knitting because they are not treasures, they are meant to be used and believe me, the first four I knit lasted me over two years. Two years, used and abused and handknit by me!
Oh and the yellow and orange warsh rag is full of mistakes but I wasn't in the mood to rip it back because it's a dishrag ya know so I left the messed up band in and moved on along. That was so cool to do that. There was a time when that messed up band in the middle of the dish cloth would have bugged me to no end but now I embrace the mistake and it helped me decide which dish rag would be the first to hit the sink. Orange and yellow dish rag you are going down! In to a sink of soapy, sudsy water that is.
Hope to get back to my A Haunting Mermaid tonight or tomorrow. I'd sure love to finish her in a timely manner and I'm planning on starting REBECCA ROBINSON and Rebecca Cullin on April 29th, my Aunt Rebecca's birthday. I've been wanting to start both of these for the last six months and my aunt's birthday seems like as good an excuse as any to just start them already. I'm going to stitch the regular cross stitch version of Rebecca Cullin. Don't think I want to deal with all those speciality stitches.