Thursday, January 02, 2014

Getting Into the Crafty Groove

Over the last few months I've struggled to find my previous crafty self, that self that found peace and comfort and joy as long as I had a needle in my hand. That self has been decidedly missing and it was only after discovering an infinity scarf pattern on Instagram. Priscilla of

(blogging from the iPad as I've lost all positive control of my computer so please bear with my archaic attempts at including links, I'll get this figured out eventually but I refuse to let it keep me from writing one more day. This may not be the prettiest blog or the fanciest and done all wrong, but hey what's new!)

Priscilla found the pattern on YouTube, do a search for Love4Nails, it's her circle scarf(think that's what she calls it).

After making one of these scarves I decided sometime around December 19th that I should make these for my SILS. I have five SILS(6 if i count my brother's fiance). Then I decided to make them for nieces. Then I decided hey, I bet a few friend's would like these too. Believe it or not all five SILS received their scarves by Christmas Eve. I mailed regular old first class mail via the USPS. The rest are late but I'm not beating myself up over it. The black and white scarves in the picture below is Love4Nails 10 row scarf. I cannot tell you what a gift this pattern has been for me. The crocheting is deliciously mindless once the first round is completed. It works up soft and scrunchy and it's just an overall satisfying project. Add to that the fact I'm making them for gifts, it's a double blessing. I think this stupid scarf kind of saved me. It gave me back my needlework. It made me think about other needlework. It woke me up, pulled me out of the shadows and I think it even made me want to write again. I'm giving this scarf a lot of credit and it's probably a silly thing, but I swear I feel more emotionally balanced than I have in ten months, heck in a year and a half. It has been like a super dose of Prozac for me. I keep wondering when I'll come down off this manic high, but I think I won't. The blogging may not continue to be every day, the needlework may not happen every day, and good Lord I know this is a First World problem but a happy life is finding joy in the little things. This is a very little thing but it's been huge for me.

The red and pink ruffle scarves shown at the bottom of this post are Potato Chip scarves and the pattern can be found at

My theme for the year is Each Day a New Beginning. Imagine my surprise when I opened the inexpensive planner I purchased to break down and use for parts in my craft journal (it's cheaper than printing out calendar pages and buying dividers, really. Kind of a poor girl's Smash booking) the January divider is all about every year, day, hour, minute being a chance to start over! I take that as a sign that I'm on the right path, keeping every day fresh and new. Even if the problems from the day before get carried over into the new day, the way I choose to deal with them is what matters. New day, new perspective. There have been moments already in this brand spanking new year where I have been tested and so far I've been able to take a deep breath and move on. If it's something I can fix, I do, if it's something beyond my control, I accept that and let it go, or at the very least try not to fret over it or let it eat at me. It's not easy but strangely, it's not as difficult as I thought it would be.

I've joined in the #crochetmoodblanket2014 on Instagram and Facebook. The two squares in the picture below are my first two. I'm using a mood ring chart I found online as a guide and crocheting my square early in the day before my mood can turn 100% black which would not give a lot of variety in my blocks! I'm not thinking beyond the way I feel and the mood chart. This afghan will be completely based on my moods, no trying to choose a better color. I figure a good border will pull together all the chaos. I'm using a basic three round granny square and joining as I go as explained by Lucy at

My creative juices are overflowing and I'm going to ride this wave as long as I can.

In other news, I'm listening to The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith a.k.a. J. K. Rowling.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Hello There 2014!

Happy New Year y'all! Have you had your turnip greens and black eyed peas? We have. After the previous year I am taking no chances, I am not taunting the God of Southern Superstition by not choking down some greens and black eyed peas, not this year.

My focus project for January is PS February, book #160. I started this in January 2012 so it's time to get this done. My goal is have it stitched and framed by February 1st.

I'm taking my crafty goals one at a time this year. Some times our dreams and goals can be overwhelming and usually as soon as I set a goal, make a public statement of my intentions, it's the last thing I want to work on so the plan this year is month by month, not more than one project and just keep things loose and easy.

I'm posting from my blogger app and have no clue how these pictures will show up or how to tweak them. I'm going to hit publish and we'll see what happens.

Go get ya some greens and black eyed peas cause can one really afford to turn down the opportunity for some good luck and good fortune?