Monday, April 19, 2004

Water, Water, Everywhere

I love water. It's why I live as close to the coast as I can afford here in the Sunshine State. I love water so much that chances are I was a fish in a previous life if there is a previous life. I love water so much that at the age of 40 I still love to wade barefoot through mudpuddles. I love to walk along the edge of the shore, wading in the waves breaking on the beach. I love looking at water and drinking water. But the one place I don't like water is when it's flooding my laundry room, my kitchen and my garage. I seriously begin to dislike water and definitely don't receive any comfort from being in it's close proximity. My kitchen and laundry room and then the garage were flooded, not once, not twice but three, three times this weekend. It's a glorious day, one for sitting on the beach and reading and I have absolutely no desire to go sit anywhere near water. I could use a bath, but I really don't want to go anywhere near water. It means I'll be wet. I'm tired of being wet. My feet have been wet all weekend. I'm so sick of being wet that if I see water on the floor one more time, I'll puke.

On a positive note, we bought a washer at a yard sale and it works, now. I won't bore anyone with the details....just don't ever, ever lay a washer on it's side to move it as everything shifts, the gasket comes off and things begin to flood. The thrice flooding is another story and since I tried not to get mad at the DH I won't even begin to go into the details here because I have a mountian of wet cat litter still to clean up and it makes me mad that I have to because someone doesn't listen to me and then floods the laundry room. Do you know how funky wet cat litter smells? ICK!

I'd love to be at the beach. This is a picture postcard day but we found out over the weekend that three of DH's sisters are coming down for a long weekend and just as sure as I don't clean they'll want to visit us at the house. Normally they don't but I always worry they will. So some deep cleaning will commence in a little while. Maybe. I hate cleaning.

Right now I hate doing just about anything. I don't like it when I get this way. I want to lay on the couch and not move. I want stare at the tv and not do one blessed thing. It's a beautiful day and I just want to hide in the house. So not like me.

I've been working on a crochet afghan, two black strands of yarn and one strand of Red Heart Gemstone, using a Q hook. It's working up so fast. I don't have to think when I work on it. The motion is habit now and I don't have to worry about changing colors. It's seriously heavy. I want to get it finished before it gets too much warmer around here. It's going to be a great winter blanket. Many thanks again to Krissy at Crafty Blog for the inspiration. It's been christened "very cool" by all the kids in the neighborhood.

We made a Hobby Lobby run on Sunday. My but I do love that store. Mine was very low on cross stitch supplies which made me sad because I have heard from others that Hobby Lobby has a great cross stitch dept. This one really didn't have a whole lot, at least that interested me. The yarn isle though was great! Lots of variety in the yarns. I want to get some of the Lion Brand Fun Fur and do a couple of crochet purses for my nieces. If I had known the SILs were coming I'd have gotten some this weekend so that I could crochet a couple of purses this weekend for the girls and let them take them back to them. But now I have ideas for birthdays and Christmas.

At Hobby Lobby I picked up 12 balls of Sugar & Cream Soft Ecru, and 9 each of pumpkin and rose pink. I plan to use these to crochet a throw from Erika Knight's Simple Crochet. Dh said it's going to be pretty girlie. Being the only girl in the house, I think that's a good thing every once in a while.

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