2012 WIPocalypse

I signed up for Measi's WIPocalypse hoping that I can whittle down my WIP list from years past. I would love to say the list below is complete but that would be a huge lie. I keep running across WIP and I'll be adding them to the list as I add them to the 2012 stitching pile.

2012 WIPocalypse

Mouline Rouge-Long Dog
Sonne Spotte-Long Dog
Jane Atkinson-Scarlet Letter
Village of Hawk Run Hollow-CHS
ABC-Prairie Schooler
Sarah Elizabeth Brooke-The Scarlett House-Updated 1-9-12, 2-8-12
Bright Skies/Dark Waters-Heaven & Earth Designs-Updated 2-8-12
Red Silk Mermaid-Heaven & Earth Designs-Updated 2-8-12
A Night in the Pumpkin Patch-Heaven & Earth Designs
Sampler Large-Heaven & Earth Designs
Black'd Skie-Primitive Needle
Liberty Sampler-Hester's Needle
Always Be a Wildflower-SamSarah
Shy Philomena-Examplar's From the Heart
Autumn in Hawk Run Hollow-CHS
And They Sinned-Examplars from the Heart
Berthe Dupont Sampler-Tresors-Updated 2-8-12
Lisi Sloboda-Hawkins House
Halloween Queen-Notforgotten Farm
Remember Me on Halloween-Birds of a Feather
Bird in Hand-Hands to Work
Paradise Lost-Plum Street Samplers
Rebecca Cullin-Scarlet Letter
Isabella Johnstone-SANQ
Frances Eden
Sunflower House-BBD
My Missouri Home-BBD
House by the Sea-Midsummer Night(?)

New Starts

February-Prairie Schooler Started Jan. 6, 2012, Updated 1-9-12, 2-8-12
Plump Wife-Notforgotten Farm
Brown Egg Farm-Notforgotten Farm
Anniversaries of the Heart-Black Bird Designs
With One Accord-Heartstring Samplery
Margaret Gibson-Scarlet Letter
Ann Medd-Scarlet Letter

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