Monday, April 12, 2004

Spent the better part of the day finishing up a fob for a Spring fob swap. It's Lizzie Kate's Spring Basket.

Now I have misplaced my backing fabric and the cording I purchased two months ago. Up until two weeks ago it was all out on my "craft" table in the living room. We had unexpected company, I went into a frenzy of cleaning and heaven only knows where it is now.

Nice day for stitching. At first it was cloudy, then it looked like the sun might come out, and then it hid behind the clouds so I enjoyed watching The Philadelphia Story, The Mummy and How to Make an American Quilt. DH has a softball game tonight so I might have to pull out my Thin Man tape. I really love lazy days, especially since I started working two days a week. It's really shown me how unorganized I am. Like I needed to be shown.

After I make dinner I plan to settle in and start the Crochet Me Inaugural Project

I think I have some Peaches & Creme Cotton around here somewhere. I believe I have yellow and the yellow varigated. It ought to work well in my zesty lime kitchen. Can you tell I live in Florida? It's possible I have a ball of the fiesta though. That's pretty wild, it might make a cool dishcloth.

The organizational bug has bitten me and I hope to find some shelves at yard sales in the near future. We are fortunate to have a large bedroom and right now on one side of the bed my ironing board stays set up 24/7. This morning I was thinking that would be a nice place to organize stash. Right now my stash is in the bottom of my closet and in the garage in rubbermaid containers and my magazine binders are all over the place. I would keep all my prekitted cross stitch projects in their rubbermaid container but I would be able to move my photoboxes of WIP to shelves in the bedroom and get them off the shelves in the living room as just about everyone pulls a box down thinking there are pictures in it and what do they see? A plastic bobbin box, a chart, fabric and either a hoop or Qsnaps. I need to find a way to store all my charts and organize all my freebies, I'm thinking binders and sheet protectors. I haven't checked Goodwill for binders in ages. I'm intrigued by the Unikeeps that I've seen people using over on the TWBB but they don't seem to be available around here. They just seem so much more compact than big 3" binders.

I'm going to toy with some organizational plans and see what I come up with.

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