Monday, April 05, 2004

Another Monday has passed and I wasted the day. I fell asleep on the couch and managed to accomplish absolutely nothing. We had company that ended up spending the night Saturday night, wasted a day cleaning, spent an evening with friends, and then Sunday kind of flew by, maybe it was the nap I took Sunday afternoon that made the day seem so short. Then today I just couldn't get motivated to do anything. I did make dinner and then DH says, "Why didn't you just order a pizza?" Well first of all we're trying not to eat out so much and I didn't think we could afford a pizza. I'd have much preferred to eat a pizza because I'm sick and tired of spaghetti night. I have got to change my recipes because Prego and Ragu just aren't doing it for me anymore. I need to pull out the recipe box and start making my sauce from scratch for a while. Although that usually causes the boys to say, "EWWWW, this isn't like you usually make! We're not eating it!"

Honestly I could eat out every night and never get tired of it. I would love to love cooking. I've read the cookbooks, about experiencing the beauty of the veggies when you're washing them, appreciating them for the life they give you, what a wonderful thing you're doing for your family, but let's face it, no one wants to eat my cooking, not even me, when there's another option. I'm not a bad cook by any means, I just get sick of eating my own cooking and my kids would prefer fast food, DH is the only one that seems to whine about eating out too much.

Let's see was any progress made on anything this weekend? I did get a few rows of my 9 patch quilt for DS#3 finished. Three if I'm not mistaken. Then my sewing frenzy was interrupted by having to clean for company. So nothing else was done on that, I may have sewed a little before my nap Sunday. My mind is blanking on me.

Things to accomplish this week:

Finish a fob

Buy the fabric for a RR and get it ready to mail on the 19th. I'm running really late on this, haven't had the extra $$$ for fabric and have put off buying it....really shouldn't take too long to get it ready. I know how I'm going to border it and what I'm going to stitch for my part but I had wanted to have it ready to go early so I could mail it off to England and the recipient would be sure to get the same amount of stitching time as everyone else.

Guess those are my priority stitching projects. There are other things I'd like to accomplish but these are the most important at the moment.

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