Saturday, April 24, 2004

Friday Happenings

I spent yesterday hanging out at the hotel with my SILs. Lots of sun. Too much sun. My nose, let's just say I could play Rudolph in a Christmas play. My fault, I should have put my nosekote on. But no, I was lazy. I was reading 1st to Die and couldn't put it down. Very good story. Patterson writes well from the woman's view point. I also have the new issue of Interweave Knits and there's a special crochet section and also an article on learning to knit and purl six ways.

Picked up Book 2: The Purl Stitch by Sally Melville using a coupon at JoAnn's. Hopefully with the demo on the computer, the book and help from ladies at the LYS, I can figure out if I'm purling correctly or not.

I haven't picked up a needle or hook of any kind in the last 48 hours. I miss my projects. Things should quieten down tomorrow when the SILS leave. We all went to dinner last night. Their treat. The boys couldn't agree on a place to eat so we just ended up doing the tourist thing and eating at Fudpuckers. Fine with me. I love the food there. Great burgers and I had a grouper sandwich and it was good. They've changed the way they do their fish and it's a definite improvement.

Hopefully I'll run across shelves at a yard sale today. I have got to get my bedroom and house and stash organized. Stash includes everything from cross stitch to scrapbooking to yarn. I'd love to get a wall in my bedroom all organized so I can see what I have on hand. Look at it and dream about it. What a geek I am. Right now I have to dig through Rubbermaid totes in various places in the house or garage. Nightmare. The house is wreck, clutter everywhere. Not the comforting kind of clutter either, the kind of clutter that makes you grind your teeth when you walk in the front door. I have managed to get almost all the laundry caught up after our washing machine fiasco last weekend. The dining table is almost cleaned off. Now I can see my winter themed tablecloth. Should have changed that out a month ago. But until now you couldn't see it so who would notice?

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