Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Cross Stitch Update

Believe it or not I managed to get my fabric for an upcoming RR just about ready for the first mailing. Should get it finished this evening.

I need to focus on L'Ete(can be viewed at www.hoffmandis.com and look under designer- Birds of a Feather-could never get my link to work) and Fairy Grandmother over the next couple of weeks. These are two projects that I want to finish soon.

Do I need to list all the cross stitch projects I want to do? I'm steadily buying charts and slowly kitting them up. I had been feeling a little bit of cross stitch burnout because for a while I was literally stitching 8 hours a day. I really needed to stop stitching cold turkey for a few weeks so I could once again enjoy picking up the needle. It felt good last night to stitch again.

Crochet Update

63 Squares-I'm up to block #5 but haven't started it yet. Once my fabric is finished for the RR, I'll start on Block #5. Maybe even tonight. It and some dishcloths will be my hotel projects for the weekend. When family is here and they stay at a hotel we spend a lot of time there. My kids enjoy the pool and I enjoy the view of the water. Yes, I have lost my aversion to water now. I'm ready to sit on their hotel balcony and enjoy the gorgeous view and crochet.

Gemstone/Black Afghan-Moving along rather nicely. I'm on skein three of the Red Heart Gemstone and skeins 3 & 4 of the black. I have 4 more skeins of black here but I think I may need at least two more to be able to make the afghan the size I want.

Knitting Update

I still can't flippin' purl.

Life Update

I have to work today. I need to thaw out something for dinner. I need to continue cleaning. Pretty boring. I've determined that boring can sometimes be a very good thing.


Went to the library yesterday because nothing I had in the house appealed to me. I picked up several James Patterson books. 1st to Die, 2nd Chance, & Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas and Jill Churchill's Bell, Book and Scandal. Also grabbed Laurell Hamilton's Seduced by Moonlight and Robin Hobb's Assassin's Apprentice. Hopefully something in these selections will hold my attention. I miss reading, but lately I've gotten so picky about what I want to read that I either start a book and then just decide it's a waste of time or I just don't read at all.

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