Thursday, April 08, 2004

Things To Do

Finish my fob for the swap. Didn't get it finished yesterday due to the passing away of Austin, my cat.

Finish DS#3's quilt top, buy fabric for backing-tropical fish print

Take a few minutes to weave in the loose threads on my ripple afghan

Choose yarn for 63 Squares CrochetAlong

Get fabric for Where I Live XS RR


I've been reading lots of crochet and knitting blogs over the last couple of days and it sure makes me feel better that other people comment on the high price of some yarns. I would love to have more options than Red Heart or LionBrand but you work with what you've got. On the plus side, the rainbow ripple afghan I made when DS#1 was two is as bright as the day I bought the yarns for it-he just turned 16. I think it costs me all of $10 back then. Of course there is the Patternworks catalog but it's more of my wish book than anything. I'm a fiber junkie and can spend hours drooling over that catalog, along with the Keepsake Quilting catalog.

I have a few projects bookmarked in various crochet magazines. One is a tote bag in a Knit It magazine from a few years back. The pattern calls for LionBrand Kitchen cotton and I'm having a problem finding the colors locally. They're bright, lime, berry and fuschia, not a bright ball of Kitchen Cotton to be found around here. I guess I'm going to have to order it online, the brand Walmart carries, Peaches and Cream, doesn't come in too many colors either from what I've seen. I tried subbing them for the colors in the pattern and didn't care for the look. Like I need to start another project. LOL

Anyone ever go into project overload? You have so many ideas and projects swirling around in your head that you just have to stop, calm down and face reality that you can't finish 50 projects in one week? This always frustrates me.

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