Sunday, April 11, 2004

Woke up this morning to discover that my Block 2 was posted twice. Not sure how that happened except that when I tried to post last night it took forever and then said it didn't publish so I assumed the site was busy and decided to post later which is what I did. Anyway, got that post deleted so all is right with my world at the moment. Except that I have an 8 yr old currently on a sugar high at 7:43 in the morning. Does not bode well for the rest of the day.

Speaking of the aforementioned 8 yr old, he's been eating his way through McD's Happy Meals to get every dog that they are currently giving out as the toy. Now you must understand that he is regressing. This is the first time he's wanted a happy meal in 6 months. He's been eating the grown up extra value meals because he loves the larger fry. Now he's eaten McD's 7 times in 4 days. Did you know there's a breakfast happy meal? I had no clue. He's managed to acquire 7 different dogs and only got his first duplicate last night. We then told him that he will not eat another happy meal for at least a week. Breakfast or lunch. First of all we can't afford it and secondly, we are tired of giving into his tantrums trying to get all these stupid dogs. I really hate McD's at the moment. Their stockholders have no need to fear I'll never go back, that can't happen but I really hate these toy giveaways. Yes, I can be the parent and not give into it but, I've kind of enjoyed not cooking and my kitchen is actually clean. The sink is empty, there are clean glasses. WOW! But that all ends with today. No more happy meals for anyone, period for at least a week.

It appears to be a dreary day here along Florida's Emerald Coast. A good day for baking a ham and stitching the day away. Although DH commented last night that my current obsession with these crochet blocks is a little nuttier than usual. Hmmm, I'm either crocheting or cross stitching, if he wants to go do something he just has to say, "Let's go do _________." I then will set whatever I'm doing aside and head out the door but I will not sit in front of the TV and not do anything. He should know this, we've only been married a 100 yrs. Ok 18 yrs, but long enough that he should know better. I told him I multitask and he should know that. I think it unnerved him that I could crochet until pretty late without turning the overhead light on. He also asked why I haven't been cross stitching and it's because I needed a bulb for my lamp, not a pricey stitching lamp, just a stainless gooseneck floor lamp, and we had run out of lightbulbs so I needed something to do and picked up my crocheting. I finished a ripple afghan I started just before Christmas and wanted to get it finished. Then I found Crochetville and the 63 Squares crochetalong and joined up with that, all before I got around to buying lightbulbs. I'm off my stitching at the moment because I had a deadline I missed and I have another coming up and I'm losing my framer and I fear I won't get a very large piece finished so it can be framed to match it's mate on the wall before my framer retires in June so when I get stressed I don't want to stitch. I plan to sit down and get my fob for the swap finished this afternoon. I've had a nice break from the stitching. Cross stitch is another of my obsessions, I dream about it, think about it all the time, but now crochet has taken over. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. I also discovered that there is a LYS. This is not good. Well it is but it isn't. I can't wait to buy some wooden crochet hooks, I used to have some when I was kid and thought my mom might have put them up in the attic but I couldn't find them last time I was home. I love my wooden knitting needles even though I can't knit worth anything. I just like the feel of them. I do fear my fiber obsession will carry over to crocheting. Unfortunately I don't think I can afford to buy all those fancy yarns very often. Maybe for extra special projects. I would love a good easy pattern for a tote bag and I saw this really funky grandmother square shawl in the first few pages of FC Easy Knitting. I called the LYS about the pattern and she doesn't carry patterns by Patons or Classic Elite who had an ad for a nice beach bag looking tote. But she happily informed that she had thousands and thousands of patterns and she was sure if I came in I'd find just the thing I've been looking for.

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