Saturday, June 03, 2006

Random Saturday

Stitching Update: House #2 from Houses of Hawk Run Hollow has been completed*:

And for my friend Sharon-here's a pic of my piece to date:

I'm making decent progress on House #3.

On the gardening front, watermelons are vining, as is the zucchini. My four tomato plants are also doing well. The bell pepper is wilting away, I think I'm going to move my plant over to the side of the house where I have my tomatoes. My basil went to seed. I'm so dumb. I thought the flowers at the top of the plant were pretty. DORK! My friend gave me a rooted basil plant so I'm going to take my original plant, plant it somewhere that doesn't get as much sun as the front porch and see if I can bring it back, my new basil plant will go in that pot and will also join the tomatoes on the side of the house. I'm planning on starting some lettuce-yes it's late for that down here but I think it might do ok in a shady part of the back yard. I can try anyway. I'll take some pics later today and one of the 10 yr old next to my Mammoth Sunflower stalk. It hasn't bloomed yet.

Some thoughts on kids and summer vacation, first of all it's nice to know that I'm not the only one with kids who get bored. If I ever bugged my parents the way my kids relentlessly bug me about being bored I'd have been mowing, cleaning, washing, etc. So kids, "My name is not Julie and I'm not your cruise director!" There are tons of books, video games, DVDs, ancient videos, entertain yourselves. They look at me like I'm speaking some foreign language when I say, "Read a book." Good grief I spent most of my life avoiding my parents and hiding out in my room, my kids, they are "close talkers". Don't they know they aren't supposed to want to hang out with me(ok what they really want is mom to drive them around, ditch me at the mall, and hand out money like it grows on the tree in the backyard--so technically they don't want to "hang out" with me).

*Just noticed that the pic I posted of House #2 is not the pic of the completed block....I'll repost that later today.....

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