Thursday, June 29, 2006

Avoiding the Work at Hand For

Handwork. Are there better ways to spend a day? Needle in hand, six hours of Lonesome Dove in the VCR? I think not. Of course the kitchen floor feels like Velcro(responds like it too, ick), the laundry is piled up everywhere, and we ordered in pizza for dinner. Here's a close up of my area of colossal error:
Is it really that obvious?

Seen Around the 'Hood:

This big guy was in search of water. It's amazing there's a deluge in the North East and we can't get a drop of rain down here for anything.
The boys took Mr. Turtle to a pond behind the neighborhood, an almost dried up pond and Turtle Dude was happy to see it. They said he made a bee line for the water.

Here's a shot of my sunflowers surrounding the watermelon patch in the back yard. Yep, not only am I the neighborhood crazy cat lady I am also the sunflower freak. These flowers have made me smile every time I see them. Of course the one above should be facing the house but I've discovered that sunflowers have a mind of their own and they'll face what ever direction they want to, not the direction I want them to face.


Lee said...

Just read your HOHRHA post and giggled my butt off! I'm on the board of a HOA - (treasurer for the past 10 years) - so I know that you hit it right on the mark. Wonderful!

KarenV said...

Melissa, having looked at both pictures in close up, why don't you just rip out the bottom row of the house on the left (the one with all the keys) and replace it with the bottom border and obviously rip out the top border row of the "remember" me block and move it up one stitch. That way, they'd line up and no-one would ever know (except you and other stitcher's who've actually stitched this piece!) that there was meant to be an extra row of path/lawn on the top block.

Just a thought...I think that's what I would do if it was me :)

Carol said...

Lonesome Dove is an awesome movie to stitch with! It most definetly has a home in my DVD collection. Have you read the book?

Carol said...

No, no - your error is not so terribly obvious!!

Andrea said...

No, it's not so terribly noticable. But if it really bothers you, I think Karen's suggestion above is a good one!

Turtle Dude is so handsome! You all were dears to help him find some water. When I was a kid we lived near a lake and every summer my mother and I would stop and help turtles across the highway...they'd cross over when one side of the lake dried up (Texas heat being what it is). Some of them were huge, much like this guy!

Mary Ann said...

Hi Melissa,
Glad to see another stitcher who likes to play with her yard. I have plenty of sunflowers, my mother has roses and daylilies ... all in a neighborhood of green lawns with little green shrubs. People get to the stop sign and must wonder who lives in 'that house with all the flowers ??"

By the way, my sunflowers follow the sun. I have seen large fields with heads all tilted the same direction, like the radio telescope dishes that track stuff that is 'not' in a stationary orbit.

HoHRH is coming along. I know you are concerned
about those corners meeting up. I don't have the chart so can't offer any advice ... however your work looks very nice. Perhaps just laying it out (out of the way of kids and pets) for some study time will help you find your solution. Personally I only frog small areas and figure out how to fudge my problems. I don't recall if you are working in silk or the fabric count, but large sections of frogging can be downright depressing. So eat some chocolate and keep on stitching (with clean fingers!).

Mary Ann