Friday, June 16, 2006

New Family Member

Yes, the Red Mr Coffee is our newest family member. My coffee pot died on me about 13 days, 6 hours and 10 mins ago but who's keeping track? I could have replaced this sooner with a coffeepot I didn't really want so opted to hold out for the red Mr. Coffee because it's the one I've been coveting for a while. Our Target was short on the red coffeemakers so I've been spending a lot of time checking their shelves until they restocked. The maiden pot is currently brewing. I might even be able to string a couple of thoughts together today.

The camera cord is missing or I'd share the photos of wonky Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. Right now I'm trying to figure out why a digital camera cord would be anywhere but near the computer.

On Sunday I finished reading Crusader's Cross : A Dave Robicheaux Novel (Dave Robicheaux Myster. James Lee Burke writes so beautifully, so poetically of the modern South, of a flawed hero constantly fighting his demons. His books are always devoured by me in one sitting. I can't put them down. If the only contact you've had with James Lee Burke's work is the movie, Heaven's Prisoners I beg you to please give James Lee Burke's words another chance. That movie was a joke(it's not unwatchable but Alec Baldwin is not Dave Robicheaux). He's a great writer, wonderful storyteller. This series doesn't have to be read from the beginning, Heaven's Prisoners is the first in the series, but it helps to know where Dave's demons grabbed hold of his life.

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Sue said...

Oo! What a spiffy looking coffee maker! Well, worth the wait!