Saturday, June 17, 2006

Random Saturday

I guess this post is going to begin with a tease. I've apparently uploaded all the pictures that Blogger will let me for a post. So what you see below is a close up shot of the frame for my CHS Sirens of the Sea. I'll post the picture of the whole piece in my next post. When we went to see Dwight Yoakam at The Swamp last weekend finding a place to sit or stand was at your own peril. What you see below is my view of the stage:
Until gigantor turned around and was mortified that he was 7ft tall standing in front of someone 5ft tall. He moved me around to stand in front of him and then asked all the taller people in front of him to move me up closer to the stage. COOL! In the pic below you'll see the only shot I got of Dwight. Why, if those kind people moved me up in front of them did I only get one shot of Dwight and a poor one at that? Well in the pic below you can see the hair and part of an arm of a woman who had and I quote "been standing here since 5:30, so I can get my picture and then move my ass to the back where I belonged because she had been there since 5:30." She didn't appreciate my pointing out that technically she had only been in that exact spot since 7:00 because the doors didn't open until 7:00 before that she was standing in the parking lot. Oh yeah, I make friends everywhere I go. So Dwight comes on, I snap that pic, and the woman and her friend tell me that picture time is over and to get back where I belong. At this moment in time a fist fight breaks out, my flip flops go all over the place and I'm trying not to lose my Dwight cozy from the local radio station. I'm crawling around on the floor looking for my flip flops and the woman in the picture looks down and says to me, "What are you still doing here? Go back where you belong." I get scared because I mean it's just Dwight Yoakam and he's good and all but not Elvis you know?
Below you will see a watermelon. It even has stripes! No it's not square, yet.

Here's a sunflower I planted along a wall on the southern side of my house. It's about 5ft tall. Awww, isn't she shy? Here's a sunflower on the same wall turned towards the wall. What is up with that? I guess she's a "wall" flower.
After hanging with the family at the hotel in Ft Walton Beach all weekend I come home to find this huge dredging pipe stretched across the only public beach my little hick town has. I was furious. They had all winter to do this and wait until summer when LOCALS want to use the beach they pay the taxes for and half the beach is blocked off. Yes I called my county commissioner and complained to his receptionist. She took my name and number and he never called me back. DS#3 is worried that now that I'm on a list we'll have to move. I realize they want to rebuild the beaches, I get it. But really these barrier islands were never meant to be built on and should all be public land. The reason damages are in the billions of dollars when a hurricane hits the coast is because they let people build on these islands. They are called "barrier" islands for a reason. They protect the land where people are supposed to be living.
Here's DS#3 in front of the waves that Tropcial Storm Alberto brought our way. The storm made landfall 6-7 hours south of us and we got this kind of surf. Never ceases to amaze me.
Here's one of my nieces on the fishing pier with a heron. Yes, the picture is dark, I wasn't sure if her parents wanted pics of her on the internet or not.
However sweet you think these two are, don't believe it......

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Sue said...

Wow! What a crabby woman! Too bad the tall dude didn't pop her on the head for you! Sheesh!

Lovely beach pictures!!