Saturday, June 03, 2006

Random Saturday, Part C

Here's a picture of DS#3 with my Mammoth Sunflower in the flower bed in front of the house. Sharon, Siobhan-it's bigger now than the other day when I sent the picture of it to y'all, doncha think? Those orange plants are his feet are Cosmos that I planted from seed a few months ago. We need to weed and put some cedar chips in the flower bed. I've started tossing my coffee grounds in the flower bed everyday sort of as a compost kind of thing. Our soil is all sand for the most part with some potting soil I've added over the years mixed in. The soil needs a lot of help. Here's a picture of some sunflowers I have growing on the side of the house. These were an experiment and I planted them too close together and didn't weed the area as well as I should have. I plan to do some weeding this weekend and get the area ready for a late summer sunflowerfest. This year is a learning experience for me. Once these bloom and wilt away I will start over and see if I can get it right this time.
Here's my tomato container garden:
Close up of one of the Better Boy plants:
Close up of one of the Roma plants:
Here's our watermelon patch such that it is. It has 4 watermelon plants and 2 zucchini plants:
Here's one of the watermelon plants with a few blooms:

Thought I had a picture of one of the zucchini plants but Blogger has been acting up today so I'll just say that I had planned to vine the zucchini plants up the shepherds' hooks you see on each side of the watermelon patch. And yes, you are correct more sunflowers surrounding the watermelon patch. I figured if the watermelons didn't work out maybe the sunflowers would. We also have some pumpkin sprouts started. Next year I'm going to Square Foot garden on the side of my house where the tomatoes and sunflowers are now. I think I make it look it pretty. Yes our grass is dead, we're in the middle of a drought. We need a little bit of rain every day for a month and maybe things would turn green again.

Thanks for the comments on my HOHRH. I can't wait to get it finished!

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