Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tale of Woe

And a big woe it was a few minutes ago but I've let my desire for perfection go. So I'm feeling better. Oh I bet you're wondering what is this tale of woe? Well, let's say you're cross stitching a project, a biggie. One that's fairly large, probably will be an heirloom to someone. Ok, it's HOHRH....well if you see the pic on the right of the design, you'll notice that everything is very lined up. Borders all line up, blocks of houses all line up. Well I discovered this morning that my House #3 doesn't line up. How I did this, I have no flipping clue. One minute I've got XXXXX the next minute I've got XXXXXX and they don't connect. The second group of XXXXX, is a row lower than the first one. So I have no flippin' clue what's going on, what I've done(well I know that I miscounted). If I have to frog all of House #4--I think the original miscount must have occurred there or maybe I'm just going to move the second XXXXX up a leave it a little wonky. It might even be just noticeable enough to drive those linear focused people a little nutso. The error could be fun for that quality alone. At this point I don't know what to do. I know that I've completed way too much on this project to start over, and I don't think I have the ability to actually frog a whole house block, I seriously think I'm going to leave it just a little off. I'm not anal so it's not going to bother me, seriously, if I leave it just so, House #3 will be a row shorter than House #4. Houses 1 & 2 will match up with three, but 4 won't. I'm thinking the house below will be a little off too. But you know cross stitchers at times complain about the difficulties of putting their personality to a piece, I think funky, wonky, not conforming, well that's me a "T". I'm going to sleep on my decision to leave this flaw in the design and if anyone asks I'm just following the Amish Rule that no one but God is perfect. At the moment this thought is the only thing keeping me from ripping the whole project up and setting fire to it in the backyard.

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Anna van Schurman said...

That both sucks and blows. Good luck with your decision.