Monday, June 19, 2006

Random Monday

First, thanks to everyone for offering your comfort and understanding where my HOHRH is concerned. Only other stitchers or crafters could understand how I felt.

People ask me all the time why I blog. This is usually after asking "What is a blog?" I blog for the very reason stated above. Stitchers understand each other. People who make things understand how bad you feel when something doesn't work out like it's supposed to. Also my husband was tired of listening to me talk about stitching. My friends Sharon and Siobhan had to be bored out of their minds when I kept ranting and going on and on about the same stuff. Maybe not, but my blog gives their email a little rest from my obsessive compulsive cross stitching rants. My plans, my frustrations, the fact that I never seem to ever complete anything at all, and most importantly the fact that I can't count!

You would think that the whole "counted" cross stitch would be a sign that counting is kind of important to success.

So this weekend while watching NASCAR, ok I wasn't watching NASCAR but the spousal unit was clicking away at channels and it finally sunk in that the National Guard, the Army and the Air Force all have cars in NASCAR. What is up with that? Are taxpayer dollars funding this? I get that there are advertising dollars alloted for this stuff but if they have enough money in their advertising funds to run commercials, magazine ads and each have NASCARS, pay a driver, a pit crew, and whatever else has to be paid for, I think there needs to be some kind of Congressional investigation since our troops are over in Iraq without proper equipment. I don't begrudge these institutions advertising money but NASCAR? Isn't that a little crazy? Maybe I'm in the minority thinking those dollars might do more good allocated to other departments like, oh, education, healthcare, homeland security. Just sayin'.

Right now I have some pizza dough rising in the kitchen, my new mission is making edible homemade pizzas. Saturday night I made pizza using Pillbury Pizza dough in the tube(it tasted a lot like biscuit dough), tonight because I'm lazy, I'm using Publix's Pizza Dough. It's half the price of the Pillsbury and freshly made in Publix's bakery. I want to start some sourdough starter so I can follow pizza dough recipe. If you go to the website, click on in the side bar and scroll down you'll see the pizza recipe.

I stitched for a bit on TW Fantasy Triptyche today. Not very much. I put in one length of floss while watching the original Pink Panther movie. This project is slow going. With every stitch my admiration for anyone who has ever finished just one TW design is my hero. I'm waiting on my fabric for her mermaid and really want to get started on that.

HOHRH is still untouched. I worked on it a little while on Saturday and haven't touched it since. I'm not depressed like I thought I'd be, resigned, is a better description.

This weekend I watched Signs on TNT every time it was on. I love that movie. It is so not a scifi alien invasion movie. Such a human story told in that setting. One of my all time favorite books is Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlien. It's like Signs in that it's more of a human story with the aliens as the instigators or maybe Micheal Valentine the earthling raised by Martians. Great book. Even if you're not a sci-fi fan Stranger in a Strange Land is worth reading. All the characters names were chosen specifically for their meaning. After reading this book a drink of water will always have a little more meaning.

Oh should I mention that I now have a mile long list of Heaven and Earth Designs I want to add to the stash. There are so many things of theirs I want to stitch. I just can't imagine actually finishing one of them. There are some fabulous fantasy designs there. Check them out, The over one on 25ct kind of stresses me out but I think if you stitch on any other count you lose detail, or maybe I should say if you stitch over 2 you will lose detail.

Anyone know what to do about stink bugs on my tomato plants? I have a gazillion of them. My tomato skins are all blotchy. Kind of a handdyed look to them.


Sue said...

Ooo! Signs gave me the chills! I won't let my daughter watch that one, she'd never sleep again!

Christine said...

Well said !
I have also a "few" Heaven And Earth Designs charts at home. But they are so great ! I agree with you ! All that waiting stash is a part of dream we need!
Good day !

Glenna said...

My condolences on HOHRH--I've had a similar problem. I spent oodles of time over the past couple of days hauling out about a gazillion rows of black thread on the square that has all the "night" stitching, because I wound up with two extra stitches on half the design somehow. So discouraging... But to cheer you up, I notice that there is now a Villages of Hawk Run Hollow, with 12 MORE squares to work on....yikes. Best of luck!