Saturday, June 03, 2006

Random Saturday, Part Deux

With the boys home I can't seem to complete a thought. So today's random post will be in parts, who knows how many. Even though I have a laptop and don't have to fight for computer time, finding time to write is almost impossible these days.

Current Movie Guilty Pleasures:

The Perfect Man with Heather Locklear, Hilary Duff and most importantly, Big himself, Chris Noth. Yes, there are a couple of ridiculous scenes that make me cringe but all in all it's a cute, mindless kind of movie that I seem to watch every time I run across it on cable. It's worth watching once if only for the Styx concert scene.

Another movie I watch every time I run across it on cable is Kung Fu Hustle. I have no idea why I absolutely love this movie but I do. The story is good and so are the actors. The first time I saw it I came in somewhere in the middle and nothing made sense, so the next time I caught it at the very beginning and have now watched it about 6 times. I like it more every time I watch it.

I'm currently reading Labyrinth and it's moving kind of slow. I normally read books in one or two days if they suck me in but this one so far hasn't drawn me into the story. I mean I'm there with the characters but not lost in the story. Last year I read The Historian in just under 48 hours, but Labyrinth, well, I can't decide if I just don't care about the characters or what my problems with the story are. When reading The Historian I would look up from the book and forget where I was, with Labyrinth, when I set the book down I have to go back and read a few pages to remind me what happened when I pick the book up again.

I'm beginning to think my brain is fried with the kids home and I need to focus on some chic lit. I picked up Candace Bushnell's Lipstick Jungle at the library a few days ago and it might be more my speed these days.

Things I've learned over the past week:

1) I really need to quit watching the news. Seriously I hear a commentator from one news channel on another channel and I know their voice. That's just sick.

2) Who needs a safe deposit box, just send important papers to your Congressman. They will be safe there, even if they're subpoenaed.

3)If I hear one more press conference on Hurricane Preparedness I'm going to stab myself in the eye with a fork. If people don't "get it" by now they aren't going to get it ever. I can say this, I'm on the coast, well three miles inland. I learned many hard lessons after Hurricane Ivan. I thought I was prepared, I wasn't. When Hurricane Dennis hit we went to Publix after they reopened for something to do, not because we needed anything. That was a great feeling. I've detemined that other than water and believe me buy what you think you'll need and then buy more because you really will need more than you think, buy your cup o noodle, and make sure you have some gas in the garage. What happens down here now is that as soon as a storm is brewing there's a run on gas stations because we were cut off after Ivan. The one lesson everyone seemed to learn was fill up their tanks and every other empty container in their house. I'm hoping to get a generator and one of those large 5 day ice chests-neither is a necessity but let me tell ya a fan is a gift in the 100 degree temps after a storm passes. Other than that I think we're set. I add a little extra food to the shopping list here and there but we've got a lot of MREs and a substantial amount of water in the garage so I think we're good to go.

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