Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Call Me Crazy

So, let's begin this post with the information that I've been stitching for 30+ years. I've been collecting Teresa Wentzler charts since the 80s. I think that's when I purchased Unicorn and Rapunzel. I never attempted to stitch them because, well, truthfully I'm not sure why. I think these were the first charts I ever "collected". I dreamed of stitching the projects but never felt one bit of guilt for owning the charts and just looking at them. Recently I've "felt the fear and done it anyway" by starting Fantasy Triptyche and Tradewinds simultaneously. I'm in the process of kitting up Mermaid, Tropical Dream, Castles by the Sea and The Fortunate Traveler. Yesterday a huge wrench was thrown into my stitching plans when DS#3 saw a picture of a finished The Castle on the TWBB. He yelled, "Mom can you stitch that for me? Will you stitch that for me?" What's a mom supposed to say? I said, "Sure. But don't count on it being finished before you graduate from high school." He's 10. I'm also planning on stitching Celestial Dragon for the oldest son. I'm starting to think that maybe I should have planned better and got over the TW fear, oh, 10 yrs ago.

Passed the Test

Yesterday I had my friend who's also a cross stitcher(not obsessive like me, just someone who cross stitches) check out my HOHRH. I asked her to show me my mistake. She looks at it for long time and says she can't see it. I point her in the direction of the mistake, she still doesn't see it, then show her the mistake, she says, "Oh you must be sick?" I said, "Not any more. If I had to point it out to you maybe it's not as horrible as I think it is." She's pretty observant. I expected her to see it immediately. So now I'm feeling pretty good about the piece again and plan to work on it today. I had intended to finish House #3 by the end of May, that didn't happen, so now I'd really love to have it finished by the end of June. I feel a need to wrap up HOHRH as quickly as possible so I can start The Village of Hawk Run Hollow, not to mention the million other projects I want to start.

I think I'm going to devote some of July to Mirabilia's The Lady of the Flag . I started this piece right after it was released which is rare for me. At the very least I'll work on her July 4th. I have so many projects that are started that I really need to get a grasp on reality and start some kind of realistic rotation. There are quite a few that could easily be finished in a reasonable amount of time if I just pulled them out and worked on them. I don't like stitching on a schedule but so many stitchers use a rotation and get so many things completed. The TW Monday is working out well for me because I don't devote the whole day to either project, but I do put in a length or two of floss and that's progress. Minimal progress but progress just the same.

Speaking of Mirabilia, do I need to list all the designs by her I want to kit up and stitch? YIKES! The list goes on and on.

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