Saturday, June 17, 2006

Breakdown Here

Otherwise known as WTF Happened? Below you can see an overview of my Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. See how much I've completed on this design? Do you see HOW MUCH I'VE COMPLETED ON THIS DESIGN? Sorry just felt a need to emphasize that this is a whole lot of work you are viewing(that's mostly for the non-cross-stitchers reading this):
The area of this piece under scrutiny is dissected below: Do you see how nicely those corners meet? All nice and lined up.
And look up, do you see how those corners match up so nice and pretty? That brings us to the questionable portion of the design. The "How in the heck did I do this?" portion.

As you can see under the diamond on the left there is precisely on over two row, if you look to your right you will see that under that diamond are two over two rows.

Hmmm, matching corners on each side, how in the world did I manage to do this amazing trick? So what shall I do? I shall bring the border on the right up to meet the border on the left, that will put House #3 up a row from House #4 but strangely enough everything below that looks ok. I think House #3 will be the only house that's "off". I'll know more when I start stitching those connecting borders which I'm going to do tonight. I can imagine and determine in my mind how I think it is but until it's stitched I won't know for sure. This weekend's stitching time will be devoted to those golden Xs and seeing if my HOHRH is on a hill. Since there is now a Village of Hawk Run Hollow, a hill might not be a bad thing. Can you tell I'm really trying to work with my stupidity? Trying to create art from this glaring, honkin' mistake? The whole lemons to lemonade thing? To quote Anna from her comment "it definitely sucks and blows".

In other news I picked up Pod Rescue software yesterday. Since getting my iPod and uploading 1300 songs to my desktop computer my computer has crashed not once, not twice, but three times. The third time I decided I was not going to spend hours reloading my music into iTunes, there had to be a better way. A few months ago I was reading GirlReaction -- Snip and she ran across this software. I'm hoping this software works and it's all a matter of plugging the iPod in and my music going from the iPod back to the computer. If it works(and all the reviews I've read have been pretty good) this software will definitely be worth the $30. I have that much invested in purchased music from iTunes on my iPod.

Sue-thanks for the comments on our beaches. It really is beautiful here. There are times when you forget you're in lower Alabama Northwest Florida and can't imagine you're anywhere but the Carribean. Go check out Sue's patio all ready for summer. Don't you want to sit down and have some iced tea and chill out there? It looks great Sue.

I want to take a minute and thank everyone that takes the time to comment. I appreciate it so much.


Andrea said...

Oh God, I sooooo feel your pain!! I would so not be able to even focus on anything but finding that mistake and then, if it was really, really bad, throwing myself on the floor in huge temper tantrum (which would involve tears and clenched fists of rage) until finally, completely spent and having to somehow find a way to move on, shrug it off and say "oh well, nobody's perfect". Just all a theory mind you, never having actually been there myself. Yeah, um hm.

Andrea said...

P.S. Sorry for going off the deep end. What I meant to say was, everything will be fine. No one will ever notice. It's beautiful! Don't fret too much. Have a glass of wine and it'll be OK.

Sue said...

Oh no! My mother made lots of beautiful x-stitch and I appreciate how much work they are. I hope you can find some sort of solution.

Oh and thanks for the mention. That was sweet!

KarenV said...

I'm so sorry Melissa! I'm sure it will work out just fine - please don't trash it, you've done way too much work on it and it's looking absolutely gorgeous! Hope you can figure out what went wrong and put it right fairly easily (or at least fudge it so you're happy with it!)

Fingers crossed for you!!

Carol said...

I have no clue how you did that... but if you put it aside for a bit and re-look at it, maybe you will find the error? Hopefully it is only in that one block! I can appreciate how ridiculous it would be to rip much out. I am working on this big honker of a project too! Yikes! I hope you find it!

Christine said...

I Hope you will find a solution.
I'm stitching HOHRH too and it's my fear to have mismeeting corners ! Go on !
You have already stitched a lot and it's beautiful. wich fabric count is it ?

Deborah said...

I was going cross eyed trying to figure out how you did that. Believe me, matching borders is not my strong point but I think you have solved it well and your piece is beautiful. Thanks Andrea for pointing me over here!