Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This Morning

Breakfast came straight from the garden. Well, with the exception of the eggs which were Egglands Best. I wish I had taken a pic, but I didn't think about it until I was taking that last little bite. I'll blame it on lack of caffiene. The coffee pot passed away quietly after it's morning brew yesterday. So what was breakfast? A two egg omlette with fresh picked bell pepper, roma tomato, a bit of onion and oh, ham, also not from the garden. I've always suspected that homegrown anything tasted better than store bought but there's something about growing it yourself. It makes it taste just a little sweeter. Since I used bell pepper and tomato from the garden the extra expense of buying Egglands Best eggs was insignificant. Egglands is as close to organic as I can get around here.

I've got a "hitch in my git-a-long" on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. I've made a mistake on House #3, the border along the bottom, and can't seem to find where the error originated.

DS#3 and I went to the beach yesterday morning, it was a Monday morning, plenty of beach for all those that show up yet this family decides to camp out right on top of us. I mean talk about invading my space bubble! There were so many places they could have set up but they were so close to me that the shade from their umbrella was on my chair. Yes, we could have moved over a few feet, there was room, but we were there first! I could have understood if it was July 4th or something but we didn't budge and they gave us dirty looks. What is up with that?

To family that's going to be here this weekend, the June grass has arrived but it's not too bad. I'm not sure which direction it's moving, there was none in Pensacola on Sunday so it may be heading towards Ft Walton Beach, I'll sacrifice and go to the beach again today to check it out just for y'all.

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