Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween Is Over

Now it's time to get into a Thanksgiving/Christmas frame of mind. I can't believe we're closing in on the end of the year. Where has the time gone? I know, cliche, but true.

Weekend Stitching

I worked almost none stop on L'Ete . I have all the bottom half of the chart stitched, all of the top left of the chart stitched(I may have missed a little bit in her hat but I'll go over that area as soon as the rest of the piece is finished and double check myself) and I am very close to having all the top right of the chart stitched. I have made a huge mistake in her hat and I can't find where it begins. This piece would be finished if not for the froggin'.

Didn't get any crocheting in, darn it, but my Ode to Yarngirl afghan is progressing nicely and I hope to have enough work in on it by next weekend to share a WIP pic. Right now it's just row after row of single crocheted Ranch Red, very pretty.

I placed an order with Welcome to the official Lion Brand® Yarn Knitting and Crocheting Web Site (they sent me a catalog) for some hard to find Woolease colors for an afghan out of the Simply Creative Crochet magazine put out by BH&G. I thought about adapting it to colors I can find around here or even sub a Red Heart color or two, but I really wanted to use something other than Red Heart for a change and I like the colors in this afghan. It's the Crazy Quilt Coverlet. I hope my skills are up to the challenge of this afghan. I did look around for a substitute for the Loden but nothing really worked. I decided that the money spent on shipping and handling would be less than the money I spent on gas going to Pensacola and Destin searching for yarn. This will be my winter project.

Tomorrow I'm planning to send an order to Herrschnerrs or Mary Maxim for Coats & Clark's Teach Yourself to Knit CDROM. I can't remember which catalog I saw it in but no one around here carries it so I've given up my search and just decided to order it. I will learn to knit. That's just all there is to it. Hazelnut Latte is a knitting machine after learning from this CDROM so I think it's worth the investment. Just wish I could have found it around here.

Your Assignment for Tomorrow.....

GO VOTE!!!!!!

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