Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Where to begin....

Today I had to work. Same old, same old. We were busy. Lots of construction going on down here in my part of the Florida Panhandle. The FEMA and A.C.E. folks tell me they fully expect to be here at least through Christmas. It's like tourist season all over again. I've really been putting the old high school Spanish to the test, it helps that my SIL is Mexican. Lots of Mexican workers are in my area and love grande puerco(not quite sure about that spelling) with frijoles and papa fritos. For those not schooled in Espanol, that's a jumbo pork sandwich with baked beans and french fries. Unfortunately I speak just enough Spanish to be dangerous. Fortunately these guys appreciate my effort.

Not only did I work today but I'm cooking dinner tonight. DH will be so surprised. It's just tacos and enchiladas but I've really been slacking off in the cooking area lately. I used to think I enjoyed cooking, what I have come to realize is that I hate it. I don't get one little bit of joy out of cooking. I put forth a good effort, I try to visualize my family being nurtured by the food I create. I try to visualize the beautiful colors nature creates in our food, please stop me. I just don't like cooking. Everyone whines, "Not that again!". Kind of hurts, when you've worked all day and are trying to do right by your family and all you get is a "Not that again!" Kind of makes you feel it's all hopeless and I should just order out for pizza. I've been thinking about going back to a more whole foods meal plan. I pulled out my Diet for a Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappe and plan to make a big pot of Golden Gate Minestrone this weekend and maybe even some Betty the Peacenik Gingerbread. I'm going to work hard to do more baking instead of buying snack cakes for the kids. How hard is it to mix up a batch of cookies? Sure it takes a little time but in the long run even though it's sweet homemade has got to be better than processed.

My main problem is not being organized. If I only planned better, I could whip up a batch of cookies in no time. For me it's an all day thing because first I have to find my mixer-it's only got one beater(guess I need to buy a new one huh?), then I have to gather ingredients, of course that means taking a bath. Why take a bath before baking cookies? Because I will be getting in the truck and driving to the Publix because God knows I won't have everything, might as well buy a new baking pan while I'm there, oh and does Publix sell potholders? Can't find nary a potholder in this house. I'm not sure where they go, is there such a thing as a potholder gnome? Maybe a kitchen troll that takes potholders to the land of missing socks? "Hmmm," you may be asking yourself, "if she doesn't have a potholder just how does she plan to get the pan of enchiladas out of the oven for tonight's dinner?" Well duh, I'll use a clean pair of socks right off the top of the dining room table! Doesn't every one do this when they can't find a pot holder? isn't everyone's clean laundry piled up on the dining table?

This afternoon I sat around calculating the size of fabric I need for various cross stitch projects I want to kit up to work on in 2005. My stitching to do pile is getting larger and larger, it's funny I find that comforting. I may not get around to working on anything I have kitted in the next ten years but it's there, all mine, whenever I'm finally ready to work on it. I don't think I'm materialistic in any way, but I do love my stash. I'm getting almost as obsessive about my yarn stash. I tend to only buy yarn when I have a specific project planned for the not too distant future but now a days I find I'm kitting up more and more crochet projects. I'm not sure if it's the doomsdayer in me that doesn't know what the future holds but if it's bad at least I'll be able to cross stitch and crochet because if it's a financial crisis cross stitching and crocheting become more of a luxury than they are now and they are the first things deleted off the budget. If I have things kitted then I'll always have something to do because I fear boredom. I can't imagine not having a project of some kind to work on. I don't understand how people live without a creative outlet. My mom doesn't have one. Since she's retired she's become obsessed with the news. OK I'm a news junkie, major news junkie, but at least while I'm watching the news 24 hours a day when I'm home I'm also cross stitching or crocheting. I'm not just sitting there-my eyes glazing over in front of the tv. I don't think I could sit still all day and watch the news(or that guilty pleasure-Court TV) if I didn't have something to do to at least justify sitting there watching the news all day. I'm a geek and I can't help it.

Impending Doom!

After reading Yarn Harlot it has been brought to my attention that Christmas is only 46 days away! It feels a lot better to think it's two months away, that sounds a lot longer than 46 days. I had the boys turn in their Christmas lists over the weekend. Now to go over the lists and decide what they will get and what they can use their Christmas money to buy for themselves.

46 Days! YIKES! Double YIKES!

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