Sunday, November 14, 2004

Stitch 'N Bitch Nation

Was in stock at the BooksAMillion yesterday so I scooped up a copy. I have decided that my first big knitting project is going to be the Jesse's Flames sweater for DS#2. It's so cool. I think once I get my knitting and purling in sync this is a very doable project and by the time I get to the sleeves I should be comfortable enough to attempt the intarsia flames. I dream big don't I? Never fear I plan to do several smaller projects, probably bags, before I ever attempt a sweater.
There are lots of nice projects in this book at least at first glance. I've read some mixed reviews of this book and at first was relieved when my BAM didn't have it in stock on Friday, but after getting a chance to flip through it in the store Saturday I thought it would be $16 well spent.

I also picked up Dan Brown's Angels and Demons(had intended to scoop up his other two paperbacks, Digital Fortress and Deception Point(think that's correct) but saw Stitch 'N Bitch Nation so decided I could pick those up another time. It was a fairly easy decision, Angels and Demons was 40% off and the other two were regular price. I also picked up John Grisham's Skipping Christmas, another 40% off purchase. I missed reading it the first time it was released and wanted to definitely read it before seeing the movie if I get around to it. Also bought the kids various magazines to keep them quiet yesterday afternoon. Worked pretty well.

Did I mention on Friday I purchased the 9/11 Commission Report book and also Holy Blood, Holy Grail? I've had a pretty good book buying weekend. I remember when I used add a few new books to the reading pile every week. I'd read the NY Times Book Review and just go buy as many books on the list that caught my interest, now I take my book buying in spurts. I tend to haunt the used book store but since Hurricane Ivan my favorite one has been closed. I believe it was supposed to reopen this weekend. Just didn't get a chance to pop over there. I try to keep a list of books that I want to look for in my purse so I always have it with me when I get a chance to get to the UBS. Then again I have shelves of paperbacks that I have yet to read. But I look at this the same way I look at stash enhancing, they are there for me when I finally have time to read. I'm also pretty anal about reading series books, I want to buy all the books in a series that are released before I start reading them. I'm not happy with just book #1 in a series, need two, three, etc. I've been trying to get into Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series but I keep setting it aside.

LYS Rant

In an earlier post I believe I mentioned not ever being able to get by the LYS for yarn buying or help, yesterday I discovered why it was so flipping hard, they close at 2pm on Saturday. On Saturday they close at 2pm! Isn't there something wrong with that? Am I missing something? Isn't Saturday a big shopping day for working women/men who pursue crafts of any kind? How can they justify closing at 2pm on a Saturday, especially when they are in the heart of downtown Ft Walton Beach. Doesn't make sense to me. Then again what do I know? The few times I've been in the shop the ladies have been very nice, but those hours. Can't get over that.


Today is going to be quiet, I don't plan to leave the house. I plan to watch the Stepford Wives and cross stitch, crochet and read. I have three kids, the above statement is only a dream. Hopefully though I can get a little work in on some projects and just enjoy the day.

I probably ought to clean house a little too. ICK!

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