Thursday, August 03, 2006

Random Things In No Particular Order*

First we have my special weekend project: This is Carriage House Samplings Tavern Signs Too Needlewoman. Why is it a special weekend project? Well this weekend some close stitching pals gathered a long way away and I couldn't go so I let that be an excuse to give into startitis and start something new. They all hooked up in Wisconsin and had a blast. Sob! I was happy for them but had a nice little pity party for myself, I did start a new project so that's usually good for lifting the spirits.

Speaking of CHS, my friend Siobhan is featured on the website in the News section. How cool is that? Siobhan is the one in the middle. Enjoy your vacation Siobhan! Can't wait to see all those framed projects. WOOT!

Scenes From the Hood:

I believe this is an imperial** moth. I could be wrong, I haven't had a chance to look it up but it's pretty cool.

Can you see the rainbow? This appeared in the sky Wednesday morning just as the kids were leaving for the first day of school. Yes, a symbol of hope!

Would someone tell how the week could go downhill after such a beautiful hopeful morning?

Quaker Garden SAL

Technically I'm participating in the Quaker Garden SAL. So why no pics? Well, uh, I haven't started it yet. I keep thinking I'm going to get to Pensacola to Needle Delights to pick up the Red Pear WDWs and things keep getting in the way keeping me from my trip. So I think I'll just give in, use the DMC and call it a day. Of course this means that now that I'm finally starting the project I'll actually get to Needle Delights this weekend. So it's a good thing all the way around right?

*code for I have no idea what order these pictures will post themselves.....

**edited to correct my error. The moth is an imperial moth not a luna moth.....


Carol said...

Nice start Melissa - I have that and its companion sign in my "must stitch" pile too - aren't they just too cool?? I hope working on it did make you feel better! I totally get how you were feeling when absent from your friends... the internet is so helpful in that way, though :-)

Kimmie said...

That moth is wonderful!!!!!!!

I thought my daughter was starting school early.....YIKES!!! She still has another week!

I'm fighting a major case of "no stitch". Maybe if I give in to startitis, I'll get back in the groove, huh? LOL