Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Updating Quaker Garden

As you can see, I've made some progress on Quaker Garden. Tried my best to make this a finished project pic but that didn't happen. I'm not sure how the colors show up on other monitors, the laptop I'm on is kind of blurry, so if you notice a discrepancy between the color on the motifs on each side(WDW Caper) and the wreath, the leaves across the top and the checkerboard at the bottom left, it's DMC 935. I was running very low on the Caper and there is no trip to the LNS in my near future, like this weekend, and I really wanted to get this done ASAP. What I've discovered is I like the look of the DMC better than the WDW. Now I'm starting to question all these pieces I've been waiting to start until I can buy the overdyes and am going to do a floss toss of DMC. I love the look of the overdyes, in many cases it adds a lot of interest to the piece, but I hate being a slave to those threads. Lots of stitchers substitute fibers successfully and I'm going to try to be a little more adventurous--my colorblindness makes subbing fibers a true adventure. I see color but have a lot of trouble seeing subtle shading. Browns and greens trip me up every time.

So tonight is a new Project Runway. As much tv as I tend to watch, I'm a news junkie, I'm not a tv schedule kind of girl, I'm a geek channel chick. TV on DVD has been a great thing for me because I miss all these shows during their first run and now I can rent them at the video store, it's like a whole new world of tv viewing for me. So this "we can't do anything on Wednesday night period" is a new thing for me. The obsession I have for this show is scary. I know my family is afraid, they are pretty sure I've lost my mind. They don't get the drama of this show or the creativity.

Carol-we started the M.O.P. a.ka. Sea Hag SAL in 1998? WOW! I think the last time I touched this one was 1998. When I showed it to my niece I wasn't working on it, it was just in a pile of stitching stuff. Do you know that at one time I was toying with the idea of stitching several of those mermaids on the same piece of fabric? I was thinking it would look great above my bed. So according to the Sea Hag's track record it would take me at least 32 years to get all four mermaids completed and that's only if I finish the Sea Hag this year. Fat chance!

Carol could you email me the link to your blog? All my favorite places disappeared.


Eclecticmk - Margie said...

Melissa, I love your thoughts on DMC vs. overdyed. It totally makes sense and I've turned into an slave about it myself. I'm going to check out my DMC collection and maybe make some adjustments.

Amy said...

Quaker Garden looks great! I think the floss substitutions are a good idea, although I love overdyed threads! Now your piece has been "personalized"!

Carol said...

I forgot to check the date last night but I'm feeling very confident it was 98. I'll try to remember tonight. i haven't been getting ont he computer at home the last few nights because of t-storms. Ernesto is on his way, lovely! Hopefully I can get some stitching time out of it! E-mailing you now.