Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Let Me Introduce You To

The Monkey Sampler: The Early Years:

Anyone who reads this blog with any regularity knows that I rarely finish things in days or weeks, it's usually years and years before anything I start in good faith ends up framed or pillowed or gifted.

The sampler above may be the exception since so far it's been a pleasure to stitch on. What I think might bog me down is that the green grass covers the bottom half of the sampler. Yes, that's a good bit of solid stitching I see in my future, but sometimes that's a wonderful thing. It makes watching tv and stitching much more pleasant. Then again it can get a bit boring, but I've never really sought out stitching challenges. Life is challenging enough without seeking it from a hobby. Nope no rock climbing here, a walk on the beach is adventurous enough for moi. The counting alone keeps me on my toes. Oh and the Sharpie and highlighter gnomes too.

The rabbits are centered, it's my intials that are off just a bit. Since I'm just a bit off it seems to suit, I also don't want to rechart them a gazillion times before I get it right. We'll call it creative license, or maybe we should just call it lazy, but perfection, it's boring. Or is that what all slackers say?


MaryAnn said...

Your initials look fine ... and you are quite correct about life being challenge enough and that a hobby should be a diversion from the challenge ... not add to it.

Andrea said...

Melissa, great progress on both pieces, your Quaker Garden is just beautiful!

About the pink spot...when I was working at the LNS we actually got pieces of R&R in that already had pink spots on them! It was the strangest thing. I've also bought SB kits with fabric included that had the mysterious pink spots too. So don't fret over it, just consider it part of the character of the piece and enjoy it!

You're right, we do have the same tastes in stitching. The best, of course, lol!

Glenna said...

I think your pink spot is charming and should be incorporated into the design--maybe you could encircle it with blue x's? I have had the same thing Andrea describes--only mine was a long dark reddish brown streak that looked as if someone had been knifed with it. Better the pink!

It takes me years too--I lose interest, put it away and don't take it back out until I happen upon it. The monkey sampler is great!

Sharon said...

Your off to a great start on the monkey sampler! I have been looking at pattern for a little while-seeing it grow may enable me!

Your QG looks good too. R$R fabric just seems prone to the pink spot-my friend has one on her beach plum fab.

Michelle said...

Love the colors in this! I just adore this sampler, it makes me laugh everytime I think about it!

claudia said...

I'm so glad to see that someone else thnks perfection is boring. I could not for the life of me get the last project I am doing right. I ripped, stitched, then ripped again...then I said to myself..."Oh! This makes this project totally MY work...It's just right!" No one but I willnotice when the whole thing is said and done. I like your work, thanks for sharing!