Friday, July 28, 2006

Updates, Get Your Updates Here

First on the list is HOHRH: House #6 is officially under construction. I tried to take a picture of the whole piece but it was a wrinkley mess.

Below you see a red warshrag as warsh rag mania is still going on here at the ranch:

And a pink warsh rag:
And below you can see the beginnings of the work area that the spousal unit is building for me. We need to add a support underneath which will be done tonight, Saturday at the latest. 12ft of Behr Brilliant Ultra White desk all for moi:
This picture is only half the work area. I couldn't get a full shot as the desk is too long. Is it going to be great or what? I think it's a beautiful first attempt at furniture building.

Today will be busy getting the boys haircuts and school ready. The greatest day of the year will be this coming Wednesday. Kids head back to school. It is so time. If I hear "I'm bored" one more time I'll go nuts!

I need to add some more links to my sidebar but I did update music yesterday. I'm enjoying The Wreckers CD. I've listened to it all the way through three times so far and it's pretty good.


Susan said...

The new construction is looking good. The rags are really pretty, are they hard to make? Your new work area looks amazing already, love the wall color.

Becky said...

Hey Missy... Willie built a very similar desk for Josh, but he used a door for the work top and the supports are cubby hole cabinets. The door is nice because it gives some width to the work surface making it more sturdy. He then just attached it to the wall like yours... very nice! SIL Becky

Michelle said...

Great progress on HOHRH. It looks great! I love your wall color! That desk is gonna be fantastic!

Sharon said...

Your HOHRH is looking wonderful-great progress! Lucky you getting such a lovely desk and what a beautiful color on your walls!

Christine said...

Congratulations for your new construction ! You are progressing ! I can't ! Too much hot weather. I hope to start soon.

Juanita - aka flosslady said...

HOHRH is coming along very nicely. How much do you have left?