Monday, August 28, 2006

Coming Soon!

A progress pic of BBD Quaker Garden. It has been the project of choice lately but not this weekend. I didn't cross one stitch over the weekend. Oh I had tons of tv time but just didn't want to stitch. I watched all of Season 1 of Project Runway on Saturday while the spousal unit was at his fantasy football draft. Yes, I watched the whole first season of Project Runway in one sitting. Yes, I'm insane and I didn't do any form of needlework the whole time. I was a vegetable. It was kind of nice. There were moments when stitching seemed like a good idea but for some reason it was just too much work. So I chilled to Project Runway. What a great way to spend 14 hours or so.

Some stitching friends, well one, Sharon, and I have been discussing UFOs. I have tons. Sharon put a list of a few of her's on her blog today and plans to update it with more later on.

I have too many to list, it's really embarassing. But I will list a few, at least the ones I still love:

Good Huswife's With My Needle

Design Connections Cowboy Boots-it's on aida but I don't care, I love this design

Stitchworld Dragon Isle-this is for DS#2. It's thisclose to being finished, I just need to get in the mood to work on it. It's on 14ct black aida and I'm avoiding fractional stitches. ICK

Mirabilia Lady of the Flag-I started this not long after the chart came out, broke my wrist, the fabric got inked by an unknown child or maybe one of my own, but I still love it ink spots and all. The bottom half of the chart is close to finished, I'm working on the banner at the bottom. Starting over due to fabric disasters isn't an option for me, unless I cut the fabric wrong, anything else I try to make it work because fabric ain't cheap. It's also a part of that piece's history.

Mirabilia-Mermaid of the Pearls, my niece Megan asked for this piece when it's finished. I told it was her's. I'm past the halfway mark, but I made a mistake in the fin and hate frogging braid. I need to be in the right frame of mind to start working on this piece again. She asked for this piece back in 2001. I started it in 2000 maybe 1999? YIKES!

Examplar Dames And They Sinned-OYE! I started this on 36ct dirty linen. I'm really not happy with the fabric choice, I thought it was a good choice but I think I should have went a little lighter, or broke down and ordered the Elegant Bean linen from Elegant Stitch but no, I decide to use what I have. Don't get me wrong the colors look nice on this fabric, it's very close to the java green that Quaker Garden is stitched on, it's just kind of dark. I don't particularly like dark fabrics. I also think I'll feel better about ATS when I get it in a hoop or smaller Qsnaps. I loathe the scroll frame. I keep thinking I'm going to break down and order a Grip-it Legend floor stand but $100+(Nordic Needle prices) is a lot of money and I don't think it will make me enjoy the stitching any more, but I could be wrong, it might be exactly what I need. I've just used a hoop for years and it's most comfortable for me, but I find with samplers where things need to match up the large Qsnaps and scroll frames tend to keep things lined up because I can see what I'm doing.

Indigo Rose Desiderata I started this in a hoop, I stitched on a slant. Yes, my backstitched verse was down hill. So I frogged and plan to restart it, this piece is one of the reasons I started tossing around the idea of a floor stand. It would keep that down hill stitching to a minimum because I can see the whole section I am working on.

Hester's Needle Liberty Sampler-started this because I have a thing for ships. Arrgghhh!

Teresa Wentzler Tradewinds and Fantasy Triptyche--very slow going, I'm hit or miss with my TW Mondays. I hope to do better now that the boys are back in school, but sometimes working on either one of these is a chore because of all the blended threads and as organized as I am it's still very slow going.

MLI Fairy Grandmother-my albatross

Samsarah-I'll Always Be A Wildflower-this is my to go project

Carriage House Samplings Houses of Hawk Run Hollow-just on hold for the moment, I wanted to have this finished by the end of the month which means as soon as I say that's something doable, I don't touch it for weeks at a time. I need to not "say things outloud" or write them down in a public forum and maybe I won't lose my interest in the project.

By the Bay-13th Colony Bay Parts 1-3. It's seen a lot of action the last week or two but I made a mistake and the spell was broken. I should have frogged during Project Runway but it was just too much work, the act of picking it up, sitting upright on the couch, and then frogging. I told you I was a lazy chick this weekend.

Midsummer Night Designs Monkey Sampler-recently started.

These are all the ones I can think of right off the top of my head. I know there are more but this should be enough, wow!

Wonder how many of these I might actually finish before the end of the year?Now that I've typed that, chances are I won't finish any of them and will start a whole new batch of projects long before Guilt Free January.

I need to pull out my Halloween Quilt and get borders on it. My sewing machine doesn't want to cooperate, the tension is all messed up and my friend said it probably came from the factory that way but since I'm uncomfortable with the machine to begin with I would blame it on myself which I did. I've only had it six years, wonder if the store would take it back? I'm kicking myself because Sears had some Kenmore sewing machines for $70 a few months ago and I never got one. My friend grabbed one and it's a great machine. Compact but she's sewed many layers of fabric on it with no problems.

It's not like I don't have plenty to keep me busy.

A few minutes ago on Tucker, a representative from the Farmer's Almanac was a guest and he said we're in for a cold, cold winter. I guess I need to start working on my Alien Illusion scarf again. Since I don't own a coat it might keep me somewhat warm.

Oh for your viewing pleasure check out my friend Siobhan's 2006 stitching album. The bottom of page one and page two show all her newly framed and pillowed stitching. It's just beautiful. The Victorine Bonne_____ can't remember the name, is now at the top of my list for new starts. I love it and will more than likely stitch it using GAST Cherry Wine. The link to her webshots is in my sidebar.


Sharon said...

Hey Melissa, I updated my UFO list. I have still more but if I list them I may run out of space on my blog. LOL
I love your list, such pretty designs. After seeing Siobhans Victorine I may want to do that one too. OYE!! I am out of control. I saw them in person, OMG beautiful, and the Sarah Tatum, oh wow just gorgeous.
I can't wait to see a picture of your Quaker Garden which is also in my UFO pile. I will have to work on it and take a pic also. Its really a pretty design

Anna van Schurman said...

I'm coming over and I'm going to stand over you while you work on that fricking Fairy Grandmother.

I should talk. I started Toy Gatherer when?

There is hope. I am down to 11 from a high of over 30. You can do it! You just have to want it badly enough, you know, like in sports. [/sarcasm]

Terri said...

You have some beautiful WIPs listed. Try not to let them overwhelm you. I've noticed a lot of us are listing our WIPs on our blogs. I'm hoping my frightfully long list will keep me focused on the need to finish so I won't start so many new things. There are so many beautiful new things out there though!

Anonymous said...

You've just made me feel like million bucks! I figure I'll be at least 372 years old, if I finish all the kits I've started, as well as the ones waiting to be started. I thought I was the only one, thank you for making me feel so much better.

Mary Emanuelson

Carol said...

Melissa, I believe we had a SAL for MOP. Not exactly sure cause I am at work and can't look in my stitching book, but I believe we started that in (ahem)'98. But hey, who's counting?? Ya know mine is not done either and that dreaded Scarlet, ugh. I'd love to get those two b@*#*%s out of my WIP box!!!