Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stitching With a Plan

Not too long ago I had a conversation via email with my friend Siobhan. We were discussing why it is that I stitch so slow. Other stitchers seem to accomplish so much even during short stitching sessions and, me well, I never seem to make progress even when I set aside whole days for stitching. Why is that? Siobhan suggested that when I start stitching I plan what I want to get completed during that session. A stitching friend of her's applies this philosophy to her stitching. I thought "Ok, what can it hurt?" Yesterday I pulled out my long ignored By the Bay 13th Colony Bay Parts 1-3 all on the same fabric. My goal for yesterday was to finish the water on page 2 of Part 1. I managed to complete about half of the water. So today I pick it up and am tired to death of DMC 502 or 503 and I decide to work on the tree on page 1 of Part 1. I think I'll get all of the 731 stitched, I didn't even get all of part of one section of the tree stitched. Was it doable? I think so, my excuse for today is cramps. My excuse for not meeting yesterday's stitching goal was that there was a whole lot more stitching in that section that I thought.

By The Bay Needleart-13th Colony Bay

If you scroll down on the page at the link you can view By the Bay's 13th Colony Bay and their other designs.

Stitching with a stopping point in mind is good, but I always seem to minimize the area I plan to stitch and I need to rethink my goals for any stitching session. It seems I always believe I'll get much more accomplished than I do. From now on I'll set a goal, then cut it in half and maybe then I'll get more done than I anticipate, then it will feel like I managed to actually make progress instead of not reaching yet another goal.

I'm not racing with anyone, I stitch for myself, my pleasure, but it sure would be nice to rack up a few finishes in the next couple of months. I'm overwhelmed with WIP and UFOs at the moment and need to see a smaller pile in the work basket as opposed to a growing pile of projects I love but lose interest in when another project gives me that "come hither" look.

How long did I stitch yesterday? Well there was about 6 hours of Project Runway on starting at 4pm yesterday afternoon and I stitched away most of the evening while catching up on Season 3 of my new obsession. How is it that this show is in it's 3rd season and I'm just now jumping on the band wagon? Well, I refused to watch it the first two seasons and then I kept reading about it on blogs and had to give in and now I can't stop watching this show. It's great! It's just fun tv. I can't believe I'm so obsessed, obsessed I tell you, with this show. The spousal unit who will watch any kind of competition will not embrace Project Runway. What is up with that? I try to explain to him these people are mean! Give it a chance. No, I'm on my own.

Tomorrow I'll post a progress pic of 13th Colony Bay, I had intended to this afternoon but can't find my camera cord at the moment.

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