Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Random Tuesday

First of all, a long overdue thanks to everyone regarding the desk. I need to take a better picture now that things are sort of set up on it, but can never seem to get the lighting right. There I go back to the ugly pictures. The color on the wall is Fruit Punch and I can't remember if it's a paint made by the store who shall not be named or if it's a Glidden paint. Being the only girl in a housefull of guys, it's nice to have a wild pink "sorta" room.

I've developed an addiction to Fresca. That's something new for me. I normally can't drink things with aspartame in them and I'm a Coke Classic girl all the way but the Fresca has been a nice change.

I'm also addicted to the Lipton Green Tea with Citrus. Not the diet version, fully leaded. It's wonderful. Pretty doggone refreshing.

Family guilty pleasure: Gene Simmons Family Jewels. What a great show! I like it a lot more than the Osbornes.

Current must watch TV show: The Closer on TNT. At first I thought Kyra Sedgewick's fake Atlanta accent would offend me, but I've grown to adore Brenda Lee Johnson. We actually look forward to this show every week. It took a while for me to watch it the first season, hit or miss, but then I caught all the reruns, and now I don't think we've missed an episode since the start of the second season. That's a record for us.

Ashamed to admit I like it: Dog the Bounty Hunter. I know, I know...I can't not watch.

Movie Review: Talladega Nights. I loved it. It had it's stupid moments but over all I thought it was pretty good. I had to laugh when some news person reported that Talladega Nights has the most product placement ever in a movie. UH, it's a NASCAR movie, and what is NASCAR all about? Product placement, that's the point. I had to assume that the reviewer had no clue about real life NASCAR. Although Sunday when NASCAR was on I kept waiting for someone to crash, get out of their car and run around in their underwear. I mean something like that, I'd watch NASCAR every time it was on. I also saw on the news where another reviewer said the movie was anti-southern, anti-Christian, and a whole plethora of other horrible things. I didn't see it. As a southerner I wasn't offended. I got it. I know these people. Not necessarily in a NASCAR sense but I know people like the characters in the movie.

Speaking of movies, I read recently that you had to stay through the credits on Pirates of the Carribean. We didn't, someone want to tell me what I missed? Email me at gulfskye at aol dot com.

I finished CHS Needlewoman, well the charted part. I still have to chart out my name and get that stitched. I plan to sit down tomorrow and get it all charted out. I hate doing that. It's so time consuming.

Missy-I tried the alcohol on Quaker Garden. Didn't work. Didn't even fade it, but I think it'll be ok. Thanks for the tip. With all my stitching mishaps, I'm sure I'll have another chance to give it a try. I wish I was joking. I'm so careful with my stitching and I always manage to do something stupid to the fabric, to the thread, without even knowing it, usually I discover it when it's too late.

I got highlighter on my TIAG Amish Quilt Sampler and my Mirabilia Lady of the Flag, I had broken my wrist and was using a floor stand, one of the kids had a friend spend the night, the kid marked all over it with a marker. Too much work to toss, as a friend told me, make it part of the story of the stitching of the piece. So there ya go. Chances are when my time on earth is up my kids will be selling my stuff at a yard sale for $5. Although, there are a few things that they like and I believe they'll care about, but having boys, it's hard to know. I can see them dismantling my frames and trying to figure out how to get my name off the stitched piece so it might be more buyer friendly. Yes, they're that dumb. I have to remember to tell them that my name being on it might make it valuable to whoever buys it one day. Yeah, right. What ever works to make the handmades treasures for the family.

We're still trying to get in a school routine around here. No one seems to have a regular bedtime and it's a struggle every night. My middle son seems to have insomnia and will get up and go outside at two in the morning to skateboard. I've had to start guarding the door to keep him inside. We've cut the caffiene, started having dinner earlier, and he's bad about coming home from school and taking a nap. I've put a stop to that. The youngest, he's turned into a computer addicted maniac, he plays some game online. I'm fairly lenient with him when his brothers aren't around to bug him about computer time but now it seems that no matter how long I let him play after school there's always one more thing on the game he has to do, just one more thing. It's getting old and I'm to the point of taking the keyboard to bed with me at night. At least until everyone gets into a good routine. I also need to set up a computer schedule. There's one computer for three kids.

In knitting news, I'm still knitting warsh rags like there's no tomorrow. I'm still adding to the kitchen cotton stash, I heard Hobby Lobby has a sale this week,I can never seem to find a good range of colors, I want to add some more basic colors to the stash. Hope to get over there on Saturday and see what they have in the way of colors. I can't begin to say how addictive those warsh rags are. Yes, I should progress with my knitting skills, but I'm not really a knitter, I'm a cross stitcher, so why make knitting frustrating when this warsh rags bring me so much joy? I do need to pull out my Alien Illusion scarf and do some more work on it. I'd like to have it finished by the time winter sets in full force down here. I'm in Florida but extreme northern Florida, we can get down to the 20s at night sometimes around here.

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