Thursday, August 24, 2006

Project Runway

So last night's Project Runway was interesting. Maybe I'm a mean person but I don't believe Jeffrey was being unreasonable with Angela's mom. I don't care what the Bravo poll says. I felt that the moms and sisters were there and should have allowed the designers a free hand. Should Jeffrey send her down the runway in a Madonnaesque dress, no, and he wasn't going to, but she(Angela's mom) tried to sabotage him every step of the way. I'm sorry he made her cry, but she should have been a little more generous stepping out of her comfort zone. Jeffrey was right in that maybe someone saw something in her that wearing a color she didn't normally wear might bring out. I thought she was very uncooperative. The show wasn't about her. It was about a designer, seeing a vision and creating a look for her*. Yes, they were supposed to work together and most of the designers did work well with their partners. I guess if it was me, I'd expect from the beginning to be humiliated in whatever was designed for me, so that really wouldn't be an issue or I wouldn't do the show in the first place. But then again I have meltdowns in Target when I go in search of new clothes and nothing fits.

*Jeffrey's dress for Angela's mom was horrible. He shouldn't have called her a bitch either. I just felt if Angela's mom was a little more cooperative, she and Jeffrey might have been a little happier with the final garment and Jeffrey might have designed something with a little more heart.

I thought Kayne's mom was great and Uli should have won. I know that Vincent's last two designs have been failures and he did do a nice dress for Uli's mom but Uli nailed it. She really deserved to win.

Yesterday we found out that the owners of the next door neighbor's house are going to sell. They want $220,000 for the house. It's a great house(not a $220,000 house, though), unfortunately I live in an area where housing is overpriced by 44%. We're hoping they can't sell it and will have to come down a good bit, then we might be able to try to buy it. Right now if it were to sell for $220,000 the owners will be making a 100% profit! Our neighbors are just broken hearted. We're a pretty tight little neighborhood, all the kids get along and are best friends. They already have a new place lined up(yes, just that fast) but still, we like them, we all get along, that's saying a lot since I don't really care for neighbors, I'd rather be many miles from the nearest neighbor so if I have to have neighbors the two on either side of us are just about the best anyone could want. Back to the house, it's 4 bedroom, screened in porch and a pool. Yeah, I could live out my days there and that's saying a lot for me because I'm usually the one ready to move at a moment's notice. If I'm here forever that's not a bad house to be stuck in for years and years. Is it my dream house, no, but I could make it work. Unfortunately we didn't win the lotto last night and a money tree didn't sprout up in the yard last night. There are three other houses on our street for sale at the moment, all over-priced and all have been on the market for most of the summer, people refuse to come down off the price of their homes, one family was asking too much but they purchased during the pricing peak and are just trying to get what they paid for it since they only lived there 9 months. People just aren't going to pay $225,000 for a house that's worth $120,000 at the most, at least people that have lived here for any length of time. If you're going to pay that much for a house you can have a new one built for a just a little bit more in a much nicer neighborhood than ours. I don't begrudge anyone a decent profit but last year, your basic three bedroom ranch that went for $80,000-107,000 a mere 5 years ago were selling easily for $200,000+. So then everyone started trying to sell their homes and make a fast profit, not to mention all the brand new neighborhoods springing up in what were once empty fields, so the market was flooded and now no one is selling their homes because "so and so up the street got $250,000 six months ago and my house is better than his so I'm not taking a penny less". What people are discovering is that with 6,600+ houses on the market in our area right this minute, buyers have options now, that might not have been around 6 months ago.

To add to my neighbor's stress, the owner just showed up, "we're in town, want to sell the house, we'll be over with a realtor in a few minutes." They didn't even call the property manager to tell her what was going on. Oh yes, things were rocking in the 'hood yesterday. Fortunately my neighbor keeps an immaculate house, IMMACULATE. She has five kids, and no clutter. How do people do that? I'd need my 24 hour notice as stated in my lease and then some. Just this morning I filled up a Hefty bag with paper stuff. Back to school=tons of paper coming into the house every day. EVERYDAY.

Pictures of my in-progress Quaker Garden as soon as things dry up outside. Rained most of the wee hours of the morning and none of my indoor pics look decent. Either too dark or washed out.

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Katrina said...

Oh I am so glad I am not the only one, I though Angela's mom was so melodramatic about the whole thing and Angela didn't help the situation. When they asked her what she thought of her mom's look and she said it was awful. Please! And you are right, Uli was robbed, I can't figure out why Vincent is still on the show. That said, I am a total Project Runway addict, I love it and Top Chef :-).