Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Oh Tingley!

Ok, true fact that one never really believes but must find out on her own, if you seed a jalapeno without gloves, even after washing your hands your finger tips can indeed burn your lips, your cheek. Fun, fun, fun. My bottom lip is all tingley and I was even trying very hard not to touch my face incase it really was true that jalapenos are quite nasty to deal with bare handed. On a postive note I've made some fantabulous pico de gallo (sure hope I spelled that correctly).

Thanks to everyone for the input on the pink spots on the R&R fabric. I'm relieved to know that more than likely it's a fabric flaw and not a Melissa flaw. You see I am 100% sure that there is absolutely no way I came anywhere near this fabric with a pink Sharpie. I know this. I was willing to take the blame as at the time it was the only possibility but now that I know that I'm not the only one that sees pink spots on their R&R fabric I feel much better about it. I will take an updated pic of my Quaker Garden tomorrow. I've been working on it a little today. Not a lot of progress but it is noticeable.

I finished Season 2 of Project Runway today. I cried. I'm insane, but I loved it. Plan to watch it again because I know that I missed some stuff the first time around.

Be ready to be wowed with some fabulous framing and finishing in the next week. My friend Siobhan will be back home in Ireland from her long, long vacation here in the States(I only say long because it seems like forever since she and I have been able to go on and on about stitching) and will be updating her webshots album, and if she doesn't update her webshots I'll just offer up my blog as a forum for her to show off her killer stitching. She is indeed the queen of the turbo charged needle and our friend Sharon saw her framed Sarah Tatum and said it was just gorgeous.


Carol said...

Melissa, have you seen the latest Loose Feathers chart "Garden of Life"? Mine came yesterday and I can't wait to stitch it!! I like it more than Quaker Garden (and i really like Quaker Garden. Oh and the 2006 Prairie Schooler Santa is very cool too!

Amy said...

Here's another jalapeno factoid: some people are more sensitive than others! Apparently I am one of them. The last time I seeded one without gloves (and it WILL be the last time!), my hands were on fire for over 4 hours!!I couldn't even stitch.

Mary Ann said...

And keep your fingers away from other sensitive tissues: like eyes, nose ... and how to say this tactfully ... take care in the bathroom.

I grow hot peppers (not too many this year because of germination failure) and even picking them can give you the tinglies.

Some decorative species have 'heat' also.