Monday, August 21, 2006

13th Colony Bay

Yes, I've managed to do a bit of stitching. Above you can see my progress on By the Bay's 13th Colony Bay Parts 1-3. I've only stitched on parts 1 and 2 but it's looking pretty good if I do say so myself. I do have to frog a bit on the tippy top part of the tree in part 1, there to your left. That section is split over two pages and I'm a dork and wasn't paying attention, I was stitching to Season 2 of Project Runway(I'm so totally, completely addicted, it's awful), and not watching what I was doing and a few rows need to be corrected. It may not be noticeable but I think it will be and while I'm all antiperfection sometimes it's good to follow the rules.

Some Thoughts On Project Runway

Yes, I'm late to the party on this one and over the weekend I realized why. I always thought it was a show to find a model, not about fashion design. I'm loving the creativity that is shown on this show. Sure some of it is truly crap but that's not really the point. The point is that they are putting it out there for better or worse.

I've been dragging my feet on a quilt for my bed. It's one I've been playing around with about 4 yrs or so and I've been afraid to even attempt it. Thanks to Project Runway, I'm letting go of my fears and plan to give it a go. It doesn't have to be perfect, it might not be as beautiful as I hope, but it's all about the process. I've spent a few years being afraid of the sewing machine because I didn't want to waste my time on something that was probably going to look like crap when I was finished. Well how will I improve my skills if I don't practice? I'm not an expert, I've only had a few quilting classes but I know the basics and that's a starting point and if I'm ambitious so what? It's really a fairly simple combo applique/pieced quilt top that I've sorta made up in my head and in various notebooks all over the house. The hardest part will be my lack of drawing skills for the applique pieces but after seeing Vincent's horrible gown last week, I think I can get beyond that and broaden my horizons. I even have a good bit of the fabric purchased because as I mentioned, this has been in the planning stages for 4 yrs or so.

So I owe a big thank you to the Project Runway folks for helping me get over myself. It's sewing, it's not brain surgery.

Seriously I need a 12 step program for my Project Runway addiction. I got Season 2 on DVD and am obsessing over tracking down Season 1. Do I need to mention how many times I've rewatched Season 3? I can't wait for Wednesday night. Why does a week have to be seven days long? See, I'm obsessed!


KarenV said...

Love your progress on Bay Colony!

Glenna said...

13th Colony Bay looks wonderful! I haven't watched Project Runway at all and will have to give it a try now.

Andrea said...

Wow, looking good!! You're making great progress!

Michelle said...

Your Bay Colony looks fabulous! What a great idea stitching these together. Glad to hear you are getting over yourself with regard to the sewing. You've done it by hand, which I swear has got to be much much harder. Can't wait to see it!