Thursday, March 30, 2006

La Vida Loca

It's been pretty wild around here the last two weeks so not a lot of stitching has been accomplished but I did finish House #8 on Carriage House Samplings Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. As you can see I also managed to start on House #4 just above #8. You may have noticed that the DMC 780 border around the block isn't completed but that's my outside or on the go project when I don't want to count and just want to use one color. The more I stitch on this design the more I love it. I don't usually say that about anything. Each house is so different that each block is a new project.

On Tuesday night DS#3 crashed into a neighbor's mailbox while playing frisbee. It was dark, he wasn't paying attention, just looking for the frisbee, kablam! He messed up the left side of his face, his left wrist, busted his lip and has a huge gash across the left side of his chest. I can't begin to imagine how fast the kid was running to catch the frisbee to mess him up this bad.

No more progress to report on my Alien Illusion scarf. I think I've added one more row to the scarf since I posted the picture.

Patti-thanks for the kind words about my scarf. I'm very new to knitting and this is a good beginner project. All I needed to know was how to knit, purl, change colors, and read a chart. I tend to jump into big projects when I don't really have a clue about what I'm doing, so this was something cool to make with just a few skills. I also have Stitch N Bitch Nation. I want to make DS#2 The Jesse's Flames sweater. It's basically a black sweater with a red stripe across the front, then the sleeves have intarsia flames knitted into them. Very cool. So I'm hoping after I do some scarves trying different stitches, I'll be ready to start the sweater sometime this summer.

My friend asked me the other day why have I been buying knitting books over the last couple of years when I didn't know how to knit and I told her that I knew one day I'd sit down and figure it out and when that day came I might not have the extra money for books or supplies so I've been picking things up all along using JoAnn's coupons, and getting yarn for easier projects at the LYS. My friend thinks I'm nuts but if the knitting bug had just bitten a week or two ago I wouldn't have had an extra dime to gather up supplies for a project right now so as far as I'm concerned hoarding stash ROCKS! I also was careful not to go off the deep end buying stuff for sweaters I may never be skilled enough to knit. The supplies I bought were all for fairly simple projects. So I took my hoarding very seriously and tried to stick to the basics. I do have some sock yarn around here but I plan to practice with double points on a hat or two before I attempt socks.

I've really been counting my blessings for the cross stitch stash lately. It seems like forever since I bought anything new but I do have enough around here to keep me busy and not bored for quite a while. I did double check with my LNS right after Market to make sure nothing that I was interested in was limited edition.


KarenV said...

Congratulations on finishing a house! I don't have this project but it's on my wishlist. I love it each time I see someone's progress pics though :)

Melissa said...

The house looks great! I used to really be into that, but haven't picked it up in a while. The scarf is looking great. How's this for a coincidence, I'm a Melissa, I'm a southerner, I'm new at knitting. (and I'm a little strange sometimes!)
Thanks for visiting my blog! Can't wait to see the finished scarf because I want to do it too.
I love your stash story. Hilarious!