Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Greatest Day Ever!

What could possibly make an ordinary Tuesday in March the greatest day ever? Well let me tell ya, when you've been cooped up with three kids for over a week, a broken car, a broken fridge, and a septic system that has decided it wants to take over the world, well my house, which is currently my world, the day the kids go back to school from a completely unnecessary spring break is the "greatest day ever".

So today was spent enjoying the quiet, doing a load or two of laundry, several hours apart so the pipes can clean themselves out and the septic doesn't burp, basically learning to think again after a week of not being able to concentrate on anything at all. Nothing important was really accomplished. I did make bbq in the crockpot, dinner can't get any simpler than that. Hardly any thinking required. Works for me.

I haven't restarted the Alien Illusion scarf but might later on tonight. I've decided that I need to set a row limit on my knitting. I tend to reach a point, row 10 or so when I get confident and careless. From now on I knit for ten rows and stop, put it way until the next time. That should keep me from getting just a little too cocky and maybe I can pay attention and not screw up. I "heart" this scarf and can't wait to get it finished. Why, I'm sure you're asking yourself, is a chick from North West Florida so obsessed with an Alien scarf? Well, you see, we're on the UFO sightings list. No, not for most unfinished objects where cross stitch is concerned, but X-Files like UFO sightings. Don't believe me? Check this out:

UFO Evidence : Gulf Breeze Sightings

Yes, the oldest DS was so into UFOs a few years ago we went in search of the sight of the famous Gulf Breeze UFO sighting mentioned in his Alien book. Yes, I'm that kind of mom.

I would bore you all with another progress pic of House #8 on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, but have decided no more pics of that until it's done. These houses are each their own little mini project. Much more time consuming than I ever think they are going to be.

Here are some random thoughts on scrapbooking:

1)I can look at all the magazine layouts there are in the world and my pages will still look like a kindergartener made them.

2)Whenever I decide to sit down and scrapbook I never have exactly what I need. I guess scrapbook pages need a lot of fore thought, I always want to just fly by the seat of my pants.

3) Since I don't scrapbook very often, 2 or 3 pages a year, I start out scrapbooking thinking I have tons of supplies. What I discover is I have absolutely nothing, nada, zippo.

4) I will never manage to scrapbook the rubbermaid tote full of pictures I have here sitting under the desk because scrapbooking is the most stressful thing on the face of the earth.

5)Scrapbooking is stressful because I have not one teeny, tiny bit of artistic vision. I see pictures on pages. I see pictures mounted on colored papers. I stick them to pages and they are pictures stuck on pages. That's about it. Anything else I attempt, well my neighbor's 3 yr old would have a much better artistic presentation.

For the time being, my scrapbooking will be on hold until I get a clue.


Carol said...

Melissa, here's my take on scrapbooking for what it's worth. I like to scrapbook, however.....I do not scrapbook as a creative outlet. I would much rather crochet or cross stitch. Think of scrapbooking as a mission and not a craft or hobby. It does not have to be creative or fancy. Just get the pictures on the pages and journal. Maybe add a border sticker (my favorite for color enhancement) or a strip of card stock. Your family will LOVE looking at the pictures in a book and reading what you have written (which can be as basic as who, what, when, and where). My family NEVER comments on the decorations on a page. They only comment on the pictures. Remember, it's all about the pictures! So toss those scrapbook magazines (none of those scrappers cross stitch, knit or crochet!)and give it a try. I can e-mail you some samples. Just LMK. Good luck!

Meari said...

LOL, you poor thing. I felt a lot of empathy reading about your scrapbook thoughts. I have a lot of creativity and can use whatever I have around the house to make pages. Just remember, there is no right or wrong. A few pictures, a few words, some color. You can do it!

Laren said...

I agree with Carol, if your not artistic with your scrapbooking, don't force yourself. My advice? Find a standard two or three layouts you like, then alternate these when doing pages. Use the same layouts, just change the colours and don't worry too much about decorating the pages, except for maybe a title (computers are our friend here!) and some journalling.

I do scrapbooking for two reasons, I do like it as a creative outlet, but I also have the "preserving" aspect as a motivator. Better that the photos are in nice, plain, elegant pages in a scrapbook rather than in tubs where no on can see them.

To be honest, I find alot of the layouts now too cluttered. And I find myself doing simple pages just because that is what I like the look off.

The layouts at the bottom of this page are some of my favourites, all very simple (you could use computer generated titles instead of the cut out letters I've used) but they show off the photos and people get to see them.



Kimmie said...

First....I'm glad you made it through Spring Break. Our's is next week. I'm ignoring it until it happens.

I am totally in the same boat with you and scrapbooking. My sister got the creative gene in our family.