Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Of Sheep and Geeky Things

I finally finished House #11 on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow, or as I've been calling it the Sheep House. The camera battery died so please excuse the wonky scan. No the DMC 780 border around the block is not complete. That is my "I don't want to count" project. I keep a needle threaded with the 780 all the time so when I go somewhere or am sitting outside I can stitch on the block borders and not have to worry about a chart or counting.

I've also worked a little on By the Bay's 13th Colony Bay. Don't think I'll have this finished by the end of April. The honkin' big Qsnaps are hard to work around and slow me down, so until I can come up with a better plan I'll have to expect my progress to be on the slow side. I just can't work in hand. I've been trying to but need the security of the Qsnaps or a hoop.

To go along with the theme of the sheepy block, I've been doing some knitting and thought I might be able to wow you all with a picture of the scarf I started over the weekend but instead I have a knitting tale of woe. I was knitting right along on my scarf Saturday night, 28 rows into it, and picked it up again on Sunday morning about 4:30a.m. That was mistake #1, #2 was thinking I was some kind of knitting master and tried to watch tv, knit and follow a pattern. IDIOT! That's me. So I only have to unravel the row I'm working on and get the stitches back on the needles. That should be easy right? NOPE! No matter how careful I was I couldn't get the stitches back on the needles properly so I unraveled the whole scarf. So scarf 1 Melissa 0. But I can purl, I can knit, I can read a chart to create a pattern in the scarf, a great way to combine my love of cross stitch(the chart thing) and my new knitting skills. I just can't unravel, I think I'm going to knit something up and practice unraveling. It's a skill that might be useful down the road. DUH!

Other than the above updates, the family is on Spring Break this week. It's a nightmare. The kids were bored by Sunday afternoon. I can't understand why no one in this house can entertain themselves. I don't get it. There are books, there are DVDs, there are video games, the sun is shining outside, there are bikes, basketball goals. What's the deal?

Yesterday we watched Good Night and Good Luck and A History of Violence. I loved both movies.

A month ago or so I ordered a wireless router from Bellsouth so that I could network my laptop with the desktop. The instructions were simple, or so I thought. I spent a month trying to figure it out because I'm not stupid, actually I know enough about computers to be dangerous, dangerous to my computer that is. Anyway, I finally surrender and give Bellsouth Tech help a call. They determine that I have spyware on my laptop and it's blocking me from being able to go online. I don't understand that, I've guarded this laptop with my life, no one but me and the spousal unit use it. I have antivirus and spyware blocker running all the time but for some reason it will not let me sign on to the internet.

Today I'm going to attempt signing on via dialup and see what happens. Then I'm taking it back where I bought it since it's still under warranty and find out if they feel the same way Bellsouth does that it's spyware or just that one of my settings isn't right. The whole spyware thing just doesn't make sense to me. I don't believe that's the problem. I've searched every file on this laptop and can find not one little trace of spyware.

I've also been trying to design my own blog template. Since I have the same old template, you can see that's not going well.


Anna van Schurman said...

Good progress! Those sheep are cute.

Danielle said...

Congrats on the finish--I must get back to mine!

Laren said...


The sheep really are quite cute. I like this style of sampler very much. Can't wait to see the next progress shot.