Saturday, April 01, 2006

Small Town Saturday Morning

Here are a few random pics from around town this morning. The first three were supposed to be farther down the post but that's how it goes sometimes. For some reason I can't rearrange them. I really hate that this picture of the heron isn't any better. I'm going to see if the other one I took is better and post it later. I was so excited to see him wading in the sound.

The picture below is of a new LYS. I say new, the DH discovered it the other day when we were having lunch and it's in the same plaza as one of our favorite local restaurants, it's at the very end of the strip and we never have a reason to wander to the end of the plaza. Come to find out it's been here since August, 2005. YIKES! The ladies who own it are very nice. The yarn selection is small but they do carry Cascade 220 and had a good stock of needles of all sizes. I hope to be a very supportive customer. Hurrican Ivan hit my area in September, 2004. This is still part of the bay shoreline. It's where the walkway that used to take you all the way to the Best Western hotel now just sorta stops. As you can see it's still trashed. Breaks my heart. All these outdoor shots were taken about 7 am this morning and it was foggy and a bit misty. I was also using the old camera because I still haven't picked up any new batteries for the new camera.
This morning we saw this barge stuck on a sandbar. Not a good thing.
Thirty minutes or so later he was all straightened up and back in the channel.
Here are a couple of ducks kicking back in the sound. They were enjoying their stroll along the shoreline until DS#3 decided to run them off.
This area here used to be full of ducks, geese, turtles, fish, all kinds of wildlife. Hurricane Ivan and then Dennis in 05 took care of it. They have finally got it cleaned out. The Butterfly House is the building in the background.
Here's another view of the wildlife area.
Here's an attack goose that lives there and chased me all over the place. He kept sticking his head through the bars. I think he was hoping I'd have some bread. Next time I will. Only geese and ducks live in this little area at the moment. I hope turtles move back in soon.
This is DS#3 making good use of the new playground equipment. He loved this Batmanesque swingy-glidey thing.
For some cat cuteness, this is Pirate. He was sleeping on the desk and his little tongue was sticking out and it was too cute. Can you see the little bit of pink below his nose?

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Andrea said...

That's an adorable picture of your kitty. I enjoyed your other pictures too. Wish I lived near the water.

You're making good progress on your Houses of Hawk Run Hollow! I've stitched this and it is framed and hanging in my LNS. You can see a picture of it in my album here:
under "recent finishes".
Anyway, I found a link to your blog somehow a month or so ago and enjoy reading it :) I am just now starting one up (it feels weird tho).