Monday, March 27, 2006

March Madness-Scarf-3 Melissa-1

This pic didn't look blurry in editing software but there ya go. Can you see just the beginnings of an Alien face in the pic above? This is the back of the scarf. I'm up to row 34.
The pic above is the front of the scarf and the image doesn't show up as well. If you squint you can just make out the alien's eye. I'm amused. I was right about working on the scarf in small sections, not to over do it. I kept stopping when I felt I was getting just a little too cocky about my knitting capabilities.

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Patti said...

Very cool Melissa! I have this book but haven't attempted to make anything out of it yet. Can't wait to watch your progress as i think this is a really cool technique. I think she has a book out with more designs too.