Monday, March 20, 2006

March Madness Update 2

Scarf-3 Melissa-0

This whole knitting experience is interesting. I'm not stupid, I'm not uncoordinated, I just don't pay attention. I get comfortable with the process, I'm not scared of the whole purl stitch thing any more, I'm keeping track of my rows with my trusty row counter, yet I still manage to screw it up. I restarted the scarf, got to row 16 and somehow managed to do something wrong. So once again I unraveled the Alien Illusion scarf and will maybe start it over later today after I do some silly things like mop the kitchen, clean the toilet, you know those things that just get in the way of more pleasureable pass times?

Trying to track down a good meat loaf recipe for supper tonight. I've been craving meat loaf for a week or two and decided that tonight's as good a night as any to make one. Meat loaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and cornbread. I could eat that meal right now at 9:35am. Chances are I'll be the only one to eat this particular meal and everyone else will whine, "why couldn't we have this or that?" I'm so sick of spaghetti, tacos, chicken. The same menu every week is getting old, but it's the only stuff my family wants to eat. Tonight I'm cooking what I want to eat for a change. If they don't want it they can have PB&J sandwiches.

My kids are home for one more day. One more day and the hell that is Spring Break will be over. Less than 20 hours to go.

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Carol said...

Melissa, I have got a good meatloaf recipe for you! Haven't tried it myself...but I plan to soon. It's a Paula Deen recipe (of course) I am so into her reciped right now. You have just GOT TO make the super easy bananna split cake of hers! Oh, it is to die for!! YUM. Will e-mail them to you!