Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sunday Check In

Not too much to report from the Redneck Riviera this weekend. I am so full of delusions that I honestly believe in the few hours that I have to stitch or knit I can accomplish so much and it's all just a dream. Yesterday the DH and I woke up at 4 am and finally decided at 4:30am that Waffle House was calling so we headed over there, ate breakfast and tried to work out a game plan for the boys Christmas lists. It doesn't help that DS#2 has a December birthday. He always gets cheated around his birthday because it's 11 days before Christmas and this year we decided he'd get a big gift for his birthday and then for Christmas he can get all kinds of games and accessories to go with it or some clothes he's been wanting. We gave him a Game Cube, the starting price was $99. After a second game pad, a memory card, an extra game, and 1 yr service warranty it ended up costing $200. Oh well. We earn money, we spend money, we don't save money. It's the circle of our life.

Today DS#2 has a friend coming over to spend the afternoon and watch the WWE Armageddon Wrestling PPV tonight. We'll order pizza and I plan to hide in the bedroom and work on my Sophie Bag or the I-Cord for the Black Sheep Bags-Booga Bag I'm right at three feet so I might just be able to get it finished this weekend. If I can get it finished I'll felt it when I run my load of jeans waiting to be washed. Of course as I mentioned DS has a friend coming over and my kitchen is a disaster. Seriously. I ought to be cleaning and mopping the kitchen, removing the clothes from the dining room table, and vacuuming the living room, but I don't want to. I have other plans. It's times like these when I realize I how truly selfish I am. It's my kid's birthday and I'm whining about other things, technically it's not his birthday until tomorrow but that's not the point. I am selfish. Especially since I started working. My free time is so limited, I hate sacrificing one moment of it to anything other than what I want to do. I want to sit in my messy house and knit, crochet and cross stitch and watch the Ben Franklin story I taped off of the History Channel last night and I don't want a little stranger wandering around my house making me feel uncomfortable in my own home. So I know, this makes me selfish. It's one day out of my life, a big day for my DS, and it's all about me. Isn't the purchase of a $200 birthday present enough? Can't the $35 PPV event be enough? I hate this side of my personality. Kids should come first but since going back to work, I miss my quiet time, my me time. I can't believe I took those years for granted. I know, enough already with the whining.

Speaking of Christmas

All my plans are on the backburner. I was going to make a few people Boogabags and Sophie Bags. I obviously thought I could actually knit these quickly. What a joke. I do this crap every year. I get all inspired just before Thanksgiving, then I get overwhelmed right about now, then I shove everything in Rubbermaid buckets, ziplock baggies and feel like a horrible person because I couldn't meet these absolutely unreachable goals I set for myself.

Last year I started out trying to make each person in my stitching loop a stitched present for their birthday. I started working in March and that was the end of that. No one knew what I was hoping to do all year, but still, my heart was in the right place but I managed to screw it up. I did get a couple of mail arts stitched for friends that thought they were cool and I may be able to squeeze one more in before the end of the year. It may even be stitched and finished in time to reach her before Christmas. There I go dreaming again. I'm planning to go through the stash today see what I can find in the way of Christmas designs or New Years designs that I might be able to stitch up and send soon. I love making the mailarts. They are so much fun to plan and stitch. I'm even more comfortable adding the lining to them now. They aren't perfect by any means, and I'm definitely not a seamstress,but these mailarts bring me a special kind of joy. Not sure why they have caught my imagination so much but I like them.

Dreaming Big....

We've been scoping out new digital cameras. I have been checking into the Fuji 7000 and the guy at Sears said they had to stop carrying it because the three people that bought them couldn't figure out how to use them. At Walmart this morning we played around with the Fuji 3 something or other and DH was impressed with it, also the Nikon Cool Pix 3200 was pretty nifty. DH liked the Fuji better. I like my HP, it's small, user friendly,but I'd like a little bit better camera to play around with. I'm also dreaming of my own laptop and another desktop computer for our bedroom.

We're roaring into the 21st century by purchasing cell phones. I know,we are like the only people on the planet that hasn'tacquired these but I finally decided it was time. We need to be able to reach the kids anytime and the same for them being able to reach either me or DH. I'm hoping to keep these numbers away from the general population because I truly believe cell phones are for emergencies not sitting around chatting with friends(DS#1 disagrees).

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