Saturday, December 04, 2004


Woke up to rain this morning. Helped my neighbor who had planned to have a yard sale bring her stuff in out of the rain, only to have the sun come out an hour or so later. DH and I went out to breakfast after taking DS#1 to school today for his student goverment thing, still haven't quite figured out what he's doing but they were supposed to fill him in on all the details today. We made a grocery store run after breakfast and then I headed out to run some errands. I had two cross stitch pieces that have been sitting around here waiting on me to frame them but I like each of them so much that I thought they deserved more than a frame from Wally World. So I took them over to the LNS to be framed. The owner wasn't in and I am terrible choosing frames, and the ladies working there kept offering me up blue and red frames. I want frames that are stained to resemble wood. If I wanted a frame that was something other than wood I'd have bought cheapie frames from Wally World and painted them myself and then framed them myself. I'm sorry but when I stitch something I want the stitching to be enhanced by the framing not overwhelmed by the frame. These were both simple samplers and just needed a basic, very simple frame. I opted to leave them there at the shop so Sally could take a look at them and let me know what she thought would work best. I did find two back issues of CS&CC that I had been searching for in the garage sale bin. I think one is already in my stash but this one was only 10cents so I figured if it was a duplicate and someone along the way was looking for this issue I could pass it along. I then headed over to JoAnn's to check out their sale, didn't find anything I couldn't live without so I used my 40% off coupon on a skein of LionBrand Fisherman's Wool. I'm stocking up on this for some future Koolaid dyeing and then felting. I mean can we really have too much yarn or wool of any kind? I think not. I then stopped by the Garden of Beadin' to look for some crimps for a couple of gifts I want to make if I can find the time but they didn't have any that would work with 20 gauge wire but the lady working there told me that I could very easily do a wrap that would hold the beads on without crimps. I'm going to give it a go. I'm making this whole beading thing up as I go along. After that I ran by the LYS for info on how much wool it's going to take to make a 6 ft I cord and also to see if they had any Lime Cascade 220 in stock since I want to make the lady I work for a Sophie Bag for Christmas and she loves that bright lime. They didn't have the lime in stock so now I'm hoping that Patternworks has it in stock and I can mail an order off to them and have it back in time to start and finish a Sophie bag before Christmas. Then again I am toying with Koolaid dyeing a skein of this Lionbrand wool and using that for a Sophie bag, if it was for me I wouldn't mind doing it but I hate to waste a whole skein of wool if the dye job doesn't work. Koolaid does come in a lime green. It would definitely solve my problem for a fraction of the cost of the Cascade 220. I'm going to ponder this for a day or two and I may just jump in and give it a go. When I got home we took the boys to CiCi's for dinner and wandered around BooksAMillion for a while, then took them to the Festival of Lights. Of course this was a spontaneous decision and even though we're on the Redneck Riviera it was cold and no one had jackets or long sleeves on and I didn't have the digital camera with me. So we only stayed long enough to catch the lighting of the Christmas tree(was that good timing or what?) and for the boys to see the ice rink. The park was beautiful with snowflake lights hanging from these huge pine trees. A few boats floated by on the bay all lighted up for Christmas. I love those. DS#2 finally had all he could take of the chill so we headed home and told them to be prepared to come again next weekend, I'll have the camera with me and they are to have looks of awe and joy on their faces. Can't believe I have this stupid digital camera and then forget to carry it with me all the time.

I've been working away on my Black Sheep Bags-Booga Bag and it's coming along nicely. I might just take a pic tomorrow. This Kureyon is going to be my crack. I can tell now. I want to own it all. In the LYS today they had restocked the bins, when I was in on Wednesday they only had three skeins left, and I swear seeing those full bins of glorious colorful wool I started to drool. I wanted to buy everything they had in stock. It is all so flippin' beautiful. I know one can only have so many bags in the same style, I don't know what I would do with all that Kureyon but I do know that it would all be mine and that's all that's important. Maybe some leg warmers? Some socks? I haven't finished my first knitting project yet and I'm already stashing wool and planning projects above my skill level.


Speaking of projects and hoarding stashing, it's time I sat down and starting going through the buckets and buckets of stash I have accumulated and get it organized and listed so I know what I have on hand. I have cross stitch stash, crocheting stashing, quilting stash, and now I'm accumulating knitting and beading stash. The latter two are very small and I can count on one hand everything in both of those stashes but the others, hmmmmmm, I am clueless. One thing I do know, if they gave out grades for stashing and starting projects I'd have an A+. I'd have an A in the kitting up department too. I love to kit projects. I don't know why, but I enjoying kitting the project and tucking it away for sometime in the future as much as I love starting the project. Finishing is just a fabulous perk of the whole process. I love making my lists, gathering up supplies, storing them altogether, and then putting it away for a time when I want to start something new and have absolultely no money to go buy the stuff for a new project. There waiting patiently, fully paid for, is a brand spankin' new project, fully kitted and ready to go. That is just about the most perfect moment. It's a sickness isn't it?

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