Wednesday, December 22, 2004

On the Eighth Day of Christmas

As you can see I'm crocheting this using a Q hook and three strands of yarn, Red Heart's Gemstone and I'm using two strands of RH Black. Why has this been set aside to gather dust? I initially chained way too many at the start of this 'ghan. It's honkin' huge! To make it balance out I'll need at least four more skeins of black. It will be pretty when finished but right now it's just a bit overwhelming. When it gets a little bit colder I hope be motivated to get it finished. Especially since it works up fast.

On the Ninth Day of Christmas

What do I discover in the old started projects bucket but four Halloween designs all started but no where near completion. From left to right, Birds of a Feather's Remember Me on Halloween(this will get finished in 2005), L*K's Betty Broomstick and her squeeze Vinny Von Fang and Mosey 'N Me's Wendell the Warlock. As you can see I didn't bother pulling any of them out of their respective plastic baggies because for the most part they each only have the center stitches started. A few more on Betty and Wendell but not enough to be interesting.

On the Tenth Day of Christmas

Finally something positive! A finished pink scarf for a coworker for Christmas!

It's a little wider than I wanted because I used smaller needles and cast on 20 stitches. If I had only cast on 15 it might have been just a tad longer. It wraps around my neck but not as much length as I would have liked, it does fall a tad below my boob area, so I think it's ok. Not too bad for a very first knitted scarf. Lessons learned, make sure to remember to leave enough yarn at the end to bind off correctly. GRRRRR. The scarf was knitted using 2 strands of Red Heart's Foxy in Cherries on size 13 needles. I've already started my second scarf and hope to have it finished today. I'm using size 15 needles and cast on 15 stitches and I already like it better. It's being knitted using RH's Aquarium. The pink scarf is so soft!

In the Workbasket

As mentioned before I'm hoping to finish up this second scarf today after that I'm not sure what I'll work on. I have a BC Zippers Snowglobe pulled out to stitch on but I really need to focus on Fairy Grandmother. I haven't cross stitched in what seems like ages. Fairy Grandmother has got to be a priority at least enough of one that I devote a bit of stitching time to it everyday.

On the knitting front I'm working on a Sophie Bag and it's working up much smaller than I thought it would. I am completely clueless where knitting is concerned, part of the problem of teaching yourself, so a friend told me she was using two strands of wool and size 11 circulars at 19 inches. There's no such thing as 19 inch circulars and because I don't want to be a pain, I'm assuming she meant she was using 29 inch circulars and two strands. I stopped by the LYS on Wednesday to ask them if they thought that was what my friend meant and they copped an attitude with me. I'm very very courteous about the LYS and asking questions. I would never go in and ask a question about anything if I hadn't purchased the needles and the yarn there, never. (I mention this because a lady came in with a big old skein of Red Heart yarn asking for help one day while I was there). I stopped by one day to ask if I was doing my I-cord correctly, they informed me that for $30 they offer a "help" hour on Tuesday nights and Thursday afternoons. There was no other customer in the store, I was prepared to buy more yarn and it took them all of 2 minutes to tell me that my Icord looked fine. I bought one skein of wool because they did help me, I had planned to buy more but it hurt my feelings. Is this normal for LYS? Whenever I have gone in to ask a question I have been the only person in the shop when I arrived and they never spent more than a few minutes showing me what I was doing wrong or showing me the correct way to do a stitch and the day I stopped in to ask about making the Sophie Bag larger I was prepared to buy more needles and wool for another bag. I didn't because of the saleslady's attitude(really pushing the "help" class). The help class isn't an option for me. I can barely see to drive after dark unless it's close, this LYS is 20 miles away. The Thursday class isn't an option either because of my job. Should I offer them $6 every time I go in to ask a question? None of my friends knit so if I have a question the LYS is about my only option. I want to support them but I'm seriously thinking about just ordering my supplies from Patternworks and figuring it out on my own. Do they not have a clue how much money I'll eventually spend there? I honestly never meant to abuse the privledge of asking them a question and tried hard to go early on Wednesday my day off when they had no customers and be quick and always, always buy something. Have I committed some major faux pas? Am I over sensitive?

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