Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Grasshopper, You Have Seen the Light

This morning I had to run out to the mall and pick up DS#1 a pair of khakis for his Student Government thing. Not exactly sure why but I was told last year's khakis are up to his knees and he needed new ones by Saturday. Snagged a pair of pleated khakis at Old Navy for $15 and then headed over to the LYS for some much needed knitting guidance. The ladies there were a huge help. I found out that 1) I am knitting correctly 2) I was on the right track with that whole picking up and knitting stitches, the word "twisted" threw me but once they explained it to me I had a huge "DUH" moment. My Black Sheep Bags-Booga Bag is right on track and with any luck I may just get it finished by the weekend. I am totally digging the striping in the Noro Kureyon. It is absolutely fabulous. I am so in love with this wool. I scooped up a skein of Cascade 220 in Red for a Sophie Bag and also a skein of Brown Sheep's Nature Spun in Pepper and a skein of Lamb's Pride Worsted in Kiwi for the Alien Illusion scarf in Stitch N Bitch. The LYS didn't have the Nature Spun in the recommended Spring color so I am taking a chance on the Kiwi. It's sorta alien green. I probably should have grabbed another skein of the Kiwi because I forgot to check the yardage on the skein and I'm going to be about 50 yds short of what the pattern calls for. I'm going to give the LYS a call tomorrow and see if they'll stick a skein back for me. Just as sure as I don't I'll never find this color again. If I can scrounge up the money I may go back and get three more skeins of the Noro Kureyon. They have it in a skein of beautiful fall colors. Greens, golds, yellows & brown. I think it's the same color as the wristwarmers in Stitch N Bitch Nation. I think it'd make a pretty Boogabag for my best friend. She called me today and has found a lump in her breast near her nipple. She's prone to those fiber- something- cysts(can't for the life of me remember what the hell they are called) that a lot of women get in their breasts but she said this one felt different, but now the swelling seems to have gone down and while she still has her drs appt for this afternoon she's feeling a little better about it being more stress/caffiene related than cancer related. I'm saying prayers for her that everything is ok. Her birthday is Dec. 9th and I think I could easily finish and felt another boogabag by then. If not I can send her the one I'm working on now.

After visiting the LYS for guidance, I stopped by the LNS to pick up a skein of Pebble WDWs and the owner looked at me and asked me why I was so sad? I know that I've been down but just didn't realize how much it was showing on my face. Especially to people who don't know me that well. As I write that I realize I've been a regular at this shop for almost 8 yrs so chances are they do know me pretty well. I whined about losing my ornament fabric that I purchased just a few weeks ago and the chart for the ornaments for friends, about how late it already is, and I'll never make any kind of Christmas deadline. Sally looked at me and said, "Is anything going to change? Is all this sadness going to make a difference?" The answer, "No." Move on, be happy and start focusing on next year. She's probably right. I know she's right. She shared with me a few things she's been making, something nice for fellow stitchers, which I will relate here another time. I may make a few of these for stitching friends. They will be quick, beautiful and useful. When I left, I cried walking to my truck. Why is it that when people are so kind, their kindness makes me cry? Sally took the time to show me how she made these things, even gave me some supplies to get started on a few of my own. Just her sharing this and her generousity made me cry. Does just the smallest kindest by your fellow human being bring tears to your eyes? Do I expect so little from the people that cross my path that when someone shows just the tiniest bit of kindness that it brings me to tears? Or do I think I'm so undeserving of that kindness myself that when someone shows they care it makes me sob? Whatever the reason, I got in my truck and cried all the way home.

I know, I'm crazy. I obviously need medication. But I must say I now feel better. I know that I'm not a total failure at knitting. I have solved a small Christmas problem and have let the others go. I still have not found my ornament chart or the fabric pieces, I'm just letting it be. I'm going to consider myself ahead of the game for next year. If they turn up in the next day or so, then maybe, just maybe, I'm still in the running this year.

Should have went to the grocery today, but hey I need to pace myself. Chinese sounds good for supper anyway. Much better than anything I could come up with to cook.

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